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NSC 2000 Round 10 Commentary

Division 1's Randy Hersom and Joe Edley begin round 10 still undefeated.

Bob Lundegaard is the sole 9-0 in division 2 as is Ellen Leonard in division 3.

Not lonely at the top, division 6 has two 9-0 players, Andrea Ross-Greene and Connie Creed.

A well-known digital timer maker kindly stopped his game mid-way through to help Leland Fidler repair his clock. A few strategic presses and it was in fine working shape again.

Kathy Hummel of the NSA tells me a neat tidbit. Of the people at the NSC, 143 are recognized as directors by the NSA! Perhaps that is why we are seeing so few rules infractions. Enough of us know them backwards and forwards!

Division 2's John Karris' losing streak is over! He won his game against Judy Horn, 492-378, Judy said, "I kept almost catching up and he'd go ahead again." Judy played VESTURE and SCATTING, but was most proud of JIBERS for 67. John played eMODINS and TOENAILS. I think Judy took this loss so well in part because she defeated Jerry Scheiten last round.

Speaking of Jerry Scheiten (div 2), he just defeated Steve Cook, 405-388.

In a close game between Division 3's Roy Dixon and Ben Loiterstein, Ben claims he misplayed the endgame and almost lost the game. Holding AECNST?, Ben found CiNEAST hooking the S to BLASTER, making BLASTERS. He thought is placement was such that he'd sufficiently blocked the board. Imagine his surprise when Roy came down the triple lane playing PROVED/CiNEASTE for 98 points! Ben almost fell off his chair, but collected himself enough to praise Roy for the find (and lesson, Ben didn't know CINEASTE). Ben played BLASTER and Roy put down DOILIeS. End result, 429-427, Ben's win.

Alan Stern (div 2), says, "You know the game has changed when someone rated in the 1500s from Cuba, Alabama, comes up with caBEZONE to an E on the triple lane for 133 points." His opponent, Richard Ganguet, also played DARNELS, while Alan got down REPAIRER. Richard won, 431-411.

Another smiley face goes down on Jim Geary's scorecard (losses garner a frown) as he beats Rose Kreiswirth, 432-360. Rose picked up a bunch of tiles before I could record any plays!

In the classy move department, Scott Pianowski walked over to my table to report a good game where his opponent, Hilda Siegel, won! He was ahead 212-76 (that is a 136 point spread for the math impaired) and she went on to win the game, 410-362. Her better plays were: WAIF for 55, VALUERS for 66, and MATTInG for 80. She is now up to three wins. He reports that the win made her feel good.

As we end this round, Charmaine Wolfe is atop division 4 with a 9-1 +722. Division 6's ladies of accomplishment, Andrea Ross-Greene and Connie Creed, are still undefeated. Andrea's spread is now at +1516. Diision 5 has two at 8-2: Rob Matthews +588 and Carolyn Kribs +375.

In division 3, Ellen Leonard is still undefeated: 10-0 +752. Four players in division 2 are 9-1: John Van Pelt, Jerry Scheiten, Cynthia Seales, and Bob Lundegaard. Only division 1's Randy Hersom is undefeated with a +781 spread.

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