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NSC 2000 Round 11 Commentary

Division 1's Ira Cohen pulled me aside in the middle of this round, while his opponent's clock was running, to point out his lovely parallel play. Said opponent, Mark Przybyszewski, was incredibly cool about this intrusion and even let me look at his scoresheet to get the facts. Mark played AWEATHER for 65 and Ira responded with sONNIES for 84, creating, AS, WO,EN, AN, TI, HE, IS! Pretty amazing play!

In a division 2 game, Steve Saul defeated Rick Wong, 395-378. On their board, I spied LETTEReR, ANTEDATE, rAVENOUS, and UNSPOILT.

Division 5's Rebecca Soble has 8 wins and a +2 spread. Talk about some close games! She just lost to Justine Zollinger, 381-359. The loss came because of a play she was most proud of: with the rack CHEESE?, she found bESEECH for 70 points. Undaunted, Justine played QUEY to the triple through one of those Es for 78 and that was that.

In division 1, Ian Weinstein defeated Joel Sheman, 446-417. Joel got down INCURVES, DIORITES, and HERMAI (to the triple). Ian played SENATOR, DELATING, and SEQuOIA.

Lisa Odom (div 1) continues to struggle. She lost a game this round to Christopher Sykes, 379-363. While she got down ARSINES toward the game's end, she managed to draw CGLLN, which didn't make for a great endgame. Christopher played the lovely ELUAtEs.

In a tough loss, Lester Schonburn fell to Trey Wright, 454-318. While Lester got down the beautiful EROSIBLE through a B, Trey managed to play FOREBaY and pOETICAL to an L on the triple lane.

The game annotated this round was between Lynn Cushman and Margaret Bauer-Williams. Lynn won,457-400.

As the room empties out, we are constantly amazed at what a few games of SCRABBLE can do to the players' memories! From the playing tables, three purses, 15 sets of tiles, 1 umbrella, and no less than TWENTY-SEVEN timers were collected and turned into thre lost and found!

This round ends with these players in top positions:

Division 2's all 10-1: John Van Pelt +1013, Cynthia Seales, +669, Bob Lundegaard +501, and Roy Kamen +483.

Division 1's all 10-1: Joe Edley +836, and Randy Hersom +728.

Division 3's all 10-1: Dean Cullen +918, and Ellen Leonard 10-1 +710.

Division 6's all 10-1: Andrea Ross-Greene +1507, and Connie Creed +867.

Division 5 has on 9-2, Rob Matthews +701.

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