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NSC 2000 Round 12 Commentary

An excited Gina Fassio (div 4) just came up to the Internet table to tell us that she played a 4-bingo game. The plays were: PEONIES, CROWNER, TANGLER, and an outbingo of IODIsED! The score was 549-277. Her opponent was Ted Mast. It will be his turn next game!

In his division 1 game against Margaret Bauer-Williams, Evan Berofsky didn't win, but he did make a beautiful play. In a rack of EEOUNT?, he found a double-double play of OUTsEEN, which also created JEFEs/PATE/ON for 100 points! Not to be outdone, Margaret did he own double-double of WEAkNESS for 90 points. She also played FEASTING for 63 and Evan got down INTURNED for 72. Game ended, 478-400 in Margaret's favor.

Division 2's Cheryl Cadieux had a large size win against Kent Nelson, 363-256. She is now 9-3 +405 and in pretty good spirits. Among her winning plays, I saw bLUNTER and the lovely HUNDrEDS through the last D.

Another division 2 lopsided win was between Frank Lee and Kay Patterson. He won, 416-315. He played gUILTIER and OBVIATES through an open V (nice find!). Kay got down ENCODeS.

Division 6's Diana Spiller had a win over Miriam Saldanha, 387-307. Miriam found SNIFtERS through the N for 61 points and Diana had SEALING.

Division 1's Jerry Lerman beat Jan Dixon, 411-392. She had the game, but drew the Q in her second to last draw and both Vs in her last two-tile draw. If she could have played off even one of the Vs, she would have pulled out the win. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. She played AUDILES and Jerry got down SOLARIzED through the S.

Both division 1 players were a bit stunned when telling me that Chris Cree extracted himself from the jaws of a lost game by playing REQuINS for 122 points. Marjorie Schoneboom ended up losing, 385-439.

Peter Armstrong (div 1) pointed me toward his game with Daniel Goldman. Peter won, 472-375, with plays like EVEnTIDE through the first E, CASEOUS, and the phoney SOPRANAS.

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