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NSC 2000 Round 13 Commentary

Early on in her game against Erna Beckles, I ran over to see what word the division 6 wonder-phenom Andrea Ross-Greene was challenging. Erna had tried SAFARieS on the triple lane to the last S. The play was ruled unacceptable and Erna took back her tiles. Andrea went on to win that game, 378-313.

Reneé Camille stopped by my table to say she was going to be taking on division 5's #1 seed. I'll try to find out what happened!

A division 5 game between Helena Gauthier and Scott McDougall began with Helena playing the 7-letter TzARINA. Scott challenged and the play was ruled acceptable. She went on to play OUTEARN, but Scott's RELENTS and other plays earned him the win, 358-331.

Division 5's Hilda Ben-Nun played MULLIONS to the triple using the M already on the board for 83 points. She ended up with the win, 395-372, to opponent, Lorraine Pariser.

Division 1's Ann Ferguson had a big win over Jean Carol, 454-345. Ann opened with JOWLS for 46, played INtROIT for 64, and made the out-bingo DIATONIC for 78. Jean played ROSARIES for 77 and ended up being stuck with the second blank.

In division 3, Don Drumm had a win against Mike Ebanks, 408-343. Mike got down DAIRIEs and ROSEATe and in a subsequent play tried to add a D to the latter. Don challenged it off, but then tried DAIRIEs/ROSEATeS. The latter word isn't acceptable, but Mike didn't challenge. Don also got down AZURES for 53.

An incredulous Ben Loiterstein (div 3) just lost a heartbreaking game to Rusty Peltz, 381-369. In the endgame, Rusty, with a AAEIIDL rack, took a chance and played off an E, fishing for an A. He got it, and then bingoed out with RADIALIA for 72 and the win. Rusty turned out to be two minutes over on his clock and even with the 20-point score deduction, he ended up winning. His other good plays were ORIoLES, and QUODs/CHEFs for 46. Ben got down GOATEES. Prior to this game, Ben had seven wins in a row! He is now 9-4 and Rusty is 11-2.

In the last round, division 1 had a 2056-point table. Jim Kramer defeated Rich Baker, 586-479. At the next board, Ron Tiekert made mincemeat of Dave Wiegand, 547-444.

Jim Kramer (div 1) had an interesting conversation with Jere Mead today. During pregame paperwork duties, Jere casually mentioned to Jim, "your player number, 47, happens to be the year I was born." Jim smiled, nodded, went to record Jere's player number and discovered that Jere's number, 58, was the year he was born! They shared a mutual laugh, figuring the kismet gave each of them an edge of sorts. When I asked whose year ended up being better, Jim replied, "his year was 265 points better than mine!" I guess Jere handed him a devastating loss.

Jim then showed me his 3-point winning board over Dave Wiegand, 398-395. Jim played ALIqUOT, and SAFETIeS. He pointed out that Dave had a strong start with his first two plays: OORALIS for 66 one short of the triple, and then CHEW/WOORALIS on the triple for 47. Dave also made a nice find of FEEDBAG through the A for 56 points.

Division 1's Ron Tiekert had fun with Rich Baker to the tune of a 572-392 win. Ron opened with TESTOON, then later played DRAWLER and AQuILINE through the L. Rich played ENTRESOL and then SAWMIlL for 94 on the triple line. Ron responded with SQUEG/SAWMIlLS for 84 points.

In the meeting of the division 1 Lisas, Deift overtook Odom, 421-403. Odom is 3-10, but still pretty cheery all things considered. I'm not sure if it was the win or just fatigue, but I watched Lisa Deift get the player cards and results slip and walk them up toward the front. I think it broke her heart to hear me say that she had one more game to go before she was free!

Gerald Carter lost a tough game to Brian Cappelletto, 434-468. Gerry explains that Brian exchanged on his first turn so Gerry played AUREOlE. Brian responded with ALIENEES to which Gerry played ESCARGOT to the triple off the E. Brian also played TAWNIEST and DEMENTED. A six bingo game: what could be better than that?

Alone at 12-1, after this win, Steamroller Randy Hersom defeated Bob Ellickson, 381-373. Bob got down HINDERS and Randy played WILDfIRe through the D. A focused Randy, not exactly cracking knuckles or anything as he said it, said to me, "I get Brian next." Like Madonna or Cher, Brian is on a one-name person now.

Division 1's Brian Cappelletto and Joe Edley are both 11-2, breathing down Joe's neck. And since I last checked, Steve Oliger now has two wins!

Continuing in the theme of it's lonely at the top, Randy is atop division 1, 12-1, Bob Lundegaard is alone at the top of 2, 12-1, Dean Cullen tops division 3, 12-1, Bob Matthews tops division 5, 11-2, and division 6's top ladies remain Andrea Ross-Greene and Connie Creed, 12-1.

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