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NSC 2000 Round 20 Commentary

Nancee Mancel (div 3) and Mira Stulman are starting a strong game. Mira opened with WAKED for 34, Nancee responded with BITTIEr for 72. Mira then played SPrUCING through the blank r. I find out from their scorecards that Nancee ended up winning, 392-383.

In Pat Cole's last division 3 game before pulling out from the tournament due to illness, her opponent, Gerri Martin, had the word CURABLE on her rack, but had no place to play it. The very next day, Gerri found C?RABLE on her rack! We are sensing a theme and we like it.

In division 6, Connie Creed lost a game to George Grant, 414-349. After a pretty much even game where Connie played DOTTINg and George played RESHOOt, George made a gorgeous 84-point out-bingo of UPRATES, which also created ABY, TI, and ES parallel plays. Caught totally off-guard, Connie had UGLAZEO on her rack for a total of 34 points to be added to the George fund.

Ron Tiekert (div 1) has just lost his 4th game in a row.

Division 1's Brian Cappelletto defeated Jere Mead, 422-353. Jere opened with MEALY and Brian responded with MAnITOUS from the M. Jere got down CITRINES to the S, and Brian played SINIcIZE.

Joe Edley (div 1) defeats Merrill Kaitz, 419-353.

In a board 2 game where Dave Wiegand (div 1) beat Randy Hersom, 482-387, Dave played the word ORANGiER. Perhaps this play influenced Randy to spill his bottle of orange juice all over the tablecloth! Dave also played cONSIDER and Lamster. Randy played ROTATION and STEALING.

Scott Pianowski (div 4) lost to Jonn Dalton by 9. Jonn's game play impressed Scott and reminded him of Rod MacNeil when he first began to move up the ranks. Rod is playing in division 1 now.

Scott Leifer, who had to drop out of the NSC at the last minute, stopped by the playing room today to say hello as did Joan Orvis, a Providence resident and strong tournament/club SCRABBLE® player.

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