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NSC 2000 Round 23 Commentary

In division 2, at board 1, John Van Pelt opened his game against Bob Lundegaard with the natural PREMIER. John goes on to win this game, 440-368. At board 2, Keith Savage is playing birthday boy Michael Wolfberg. No present for Michael this game and he loses, 397-413.

Division 1, table 1 pits Randy Hersom against Joe Edley again. Can't wait to see what happens! At table 2, Adam Logan is slated to play John Luebkemann.

In division 3, Dean Cullen is playing Roy Dixon at table 1.

Charmaine Wolfe (div 4) is attempting to beat the elusive Michael Ecsedy at table 1(more on that game later). Table 2 features Harvey Wilson against Dorothy Luckey (great name for a SCRABBLE® player, no?)

At division 5's table 1, Rob Matthews is once again playing Rebecca Sobel (he goes on to win that game). Stella Russell is taking on Norbert Saldanha at table 2.

And division 6's table 1 has the dreadlocked Matt Dequetteville playing Connie Creed (more later) and at table 2, Elvira Toews is playing Adam Fleming.

In division 3, New England Cable News cameras were rolling and Lorne Matalaon, Investigative Reporter, was interviewing Fairfield, CT, resident Jack Brown. The lights were bright and the microphone was inches from Jack's face. Next, it was his opponent's turn. The photogenic Mad Palazzo referred to the game as "an addiction," which I hope isn't left on the cutting room floor!

Division 1's Randy Hersom lost his game to Joe Edley, 522-334. Randy described the game as "exploding at the end." Joe played BOATSMAN through the A, FELoNIeS, and SCARTED. Rady got down EUGENIC and NAILERS.

Adam Logan (div 1) defeated John Luebkemann this round. He played DOuBTING and ROAdIES. Adam looked a little uncomfortable and I asked him why. He said, "Truthfully, I wasn't expecting to still be in it at this point." I guess winning 7 games in a row does change one's experience a lot!

Division 2's Michael Ecsedy continued his winning ways, defeating Charmaine Wolfe, 416-329. He played sQUINTER through the Q and SEWAGeS. Charmaine got down SNORTED. Michael tells me that his favorite play of the tournament was played in a game against Mary Mouch. She was ahead 308-256 after playing BUTTING one short of the triple lane (can you all see the writing on the wall here?). He came back with WOLFRaM on the triple, creating ABUTTING for 114 points and getting the win, 439-333.

In division 6, Connie Creed lost to Miles Dequetteville, 365-345. His winning play, which I think had Connie up and walking around the room looking for fresh air, was FlAVONES through the A. Connie did get down TEASING in the game.

So, as this round finishes, Rob Matthews , remains two games up on the division 5 field at 19-4 +1587. Michael Ecsedy is one game up in division 4, 18-5 +1508. Connie Creed, at 19-4 +1302 is one game up on Andrea Ross-Greene and they play in the next round. Division 2's David Johnson has wrestled the lead with a record of 19-4 +1553 from Bob Lundegaard who has the same spread but a lower cume +1274. And, finally, in division 1, Joe Edley maintains his one-game lead over Brian Cappelletto with a 18-5 +1535 record.

I love this game!

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