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NSC 2000 Round 24 Commentary

Amit just brought me a great play he observed in a game between Daniel Goldman and Trey Wright in division 1. Trey had the rack AAKRU?? and he found AUTARKic through the T. Amit said the word judge was as surprised as he was that the play was acceptable!

Sam Kantimathi brings John Chew and I a rack he had: ADEOGPY and he played through a G. He asked if we could find the bingo. After I said, "yeah right," John chimed in with "PEDAGOGY, and there aren't anymore!" Sometimes you got to wonder when people can spout this stuff out at the drop of a hat!

In this round, division 1's former National SCRABBLE Champions, Joe Edley and Adam Logan faced off. It was Joe's turn to win, 541-432. He started the game with MUTTERS, then followed it with FAERIES (and spent time after the game defending why he hadn't chosen FREESIA, because his placement of FAERIES put the F in the triple lane). Adam got down INVERTED through the V, DOMINEERS through the M (I know it is a 9.... there must have been another letter...), and RECOuPE.

Randy Hersom (div 1) lost to John Luebkemann. On their board I spot REINSMAN, DEVALUED, NONRATED, INDICES, and ARISInG.

A lovely game in division 2 for Diane Firstman and Larry Gradus. She opens the game with BIKINIs (it wasn't itsy or bitsy) and Larry responded with WAD. She then played PATCHERS for 101 and Larry played NOTARIES through the T. Later in the game, she held OBLIQUU and was able to get down OBLIQUE to an E for 40 points. Larry later played STRANGER and she followed with FEELeRS/STRANGERS. Diane won, 461-400.

In division 2 at table 1, Michael Wolfberg defeated top dog Bob Lundegaard, 413-367. Bob got down URALItES to the S on a triple lane and JOTTERS. Michael played cANINES.

At table 2 in division 2, I caught a game in progress between Keith Savage and John Van Pelt. At that moment, Keith had successfully challenged off John's DIECAsT to the triple for 88. I note from John's exquisitely clear score sheet that Keith had played DAYTIME for 84 and STONErS for 78 already. Although I missed the end board, I'm told that Keith won, 521-300.

Mary Rhoades, division 1 & 2 leader, told me about an adjudication she had to make where a player had made a gesture to challenge by pushing the clock's neutralizer button, but then thought better of it. Since the player had not yet taken his/her finger off the clock, he/she wondered if it might be possible to not make the challenge. Mary ruled that since the clock wasn't running, the challenge had to be followed through on.

Donna Paul is enjoying herself at her first NSC even if she isn't going to win the division 6 top prize.

In the birthday's department, Mad Palazzo had hers yesterday and Richard Buck and Michael Wolfberg (both from the Lexington, MA, club) are birthday boys today.

Division 4 now has three players with 18-6 records, Michael Ecsedy, +1416, Joseph Connelly, +1042, and Harvey Wilson, +882. Division 2 has David Johnson at the top, 10-4 +1613. Connie Creed is now two games up in division 6, 20-4 +1414. Division 5's Rob Matthews is one game up at 19-5 +1564. Joe Edley is two games up in division 1, 19-5 +1644. Dean Cullen is one game in the lead of division 3 at 19-5 +1175.

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