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NSC 2000 Round 26 Commentary

A new face in the crowd! At division 2's board 1, Harriet Lakernick just defeated David Johnson, 411-408. David got down TINGLIEr and rENAMINg from the r in TINGLIEr. Harriet's better plays were SECUDINg to the g, and GRADABLE.

I glanced over division 2's board 2 player cards and noticed something interesting. Steven Saul has won his last two games by one point. Even more remarkable, the scores have been identical: 427-426! In the first game he got by Bernard Gotlieb and in the second he defeated Michael Wolfberg.

Board 1 in division 3, Ben Loiterstein defeated Rusty Peltz, 419-368. Ben has won his last four games! He points out, with the tiles already picked up so I can't see it, that Rusty had two nice consecutive bingos. First he played UNIfIES then he played SMELTING through an I above it, also creating SI, ME, and ES.

Division 1's Joe Edley is leading the pack, 20-6, by two games. He plays Sammy Okosagah next round. One longtime NSC attendee has gone out on a limb to predict a table 1, table 2, foursome of Joe Edley, Brian Cappelletto, Adam Logan, and Bob Felt. All either current or former NSC champs! We'll see.....

After hearing that prediction, I decided to investigate where Bob Felt came from! After 18 rounds, Bob was 28th in division 1. Since then, he's has gone 7-1. Today Bob's gone 5-0. Pretty remarkable stuff, since he started off today in 21st place. As of this round, Bob is in fifth place!

Division 2 has a leader by two games now, David Johnson, 21-5.

Dean Cullen has taken over the top of division 3 again with a 20-6, one-game lead over Rusty Peltz.

Rob Matthews is atop division 5, 20-6, with Norbert Saldahna right behind, 19-7.

Joseph Connelly is holding onto his one-game, division 4 lead with a 20-6 record. Michel Ecsedy, Harvey Wilson, and Rosalind Gold are all at 19-7.

New developments in division 6. While Connie Creed is still atop the division at 21-5. Second place is now held by Joan Knobelsdorf at 19-7. With the same record: Andrea Ross-Greene and Edward Bowe.

Next round, a division 3 game between NSC 1988 national champs Ben Loiterstein (he won division 3 in Chicago) and David Pearl (he won division 4 in Chicago)!

Division 1's Sammy Okosagah takes on Joe Edley at board 1.

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