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NSC 2000 Round 27 Commentary

I ran around the room this round checking out the players who were playing at each division's top tables. Division 6 featured Connie Creed vs. George Grant, board 1 and John Knobelsdorf vs. Frances Gross. While there, I peeked over at board 3 where Edward Bowe was playing Andrea Ross-Greene. She played a 131-point triple-triple ROUNDERS through the D!

Division 4's board 1 featured Mady Garner vs. Joseph Connelly. It appears that Joseph had a win, but they were in the middle of a recount. At board 2, Dennis Fenichel was playing Harvey Wilson.

Division 5 had Jeff Myers vs. Rob Matthews at board 1 and Norbert Saldahna vs Paula Bullock on board 2.

In division 2, Jeff Clark defeated Steve Ozorio, 501-336. Jeff played SOLATED for 75, Steve played UNLOADER through the L for 61. Jeff then played SINUATED through the E for 61, Steve played CYANItES for 82. Later in the game, Jeff played the phoney FRAMEuP for 80.

Jeff Parsons handed us a sheet of scores from games he played yesterday in which he did recounts. Of the five games, he won four! They were 356-357, 343-341, 417-410, 410-409, and 332-317.

Division 1's Sammy Okosagah defeats Joe Edley, 525-404. While Joe got down REGISTER and UNSTEEL, it just wasn't enough to keep up with Sammy, who started the game with these move PARTITE, LADENING through the E, AROmATIC through the T, BUD, SPACKLE, and finally MINX for 52 points.

At board 2 in division 1, Dave Wiegand beat Bob Felt, 403-362. Dave opened with LUNATIc and Bob played BANANA through the second N. I also see TEMPTERS through the E by Dave, and Bob's RESOLED and LONGieS.

At board 1 in division 2, Larry Sherman defeated David Johnson, 400-376. He has won five games in a row and has only lost one of his last 10 games!

Division 2's Bob Lundegaard had a 20-point win against Harriette Lakernick, 362-342. She got down SPazZES for 51. As Bob says, "all the good tiles, but all in one rack!" I'm impressed by their sportsmanship and good cheer.

At table 1 in division 5, Jeff Myers gets a win against Rob Matthew, 406-380. Jeff has won three in a row now.

Rusty Speltz was defeated by Dean Saldanha, 392-467, at board 1 in division 3. Rusty played ORIgAMI and SWImWEAR through the W on the triple lane for 101 points. These plays, though good, couldn't keep up with Dean's MUSTERED through the R, SILICONS through the C, and ENGRAVED to the D.

Division 3's table 2 featured the battle of the national champions. David Pearl, who won division 4 in the 1988 Chicago NSC, played Ben Loiterstein, who won division 3 at the same NSC. Turns out that it was David's turn to win, 410-369. In the middle of collecting information on that game, I was called away.

Lisa Kessler sends her regards to the boys back home. She is 13 1/2-14 1/2 and putting her best foot forward.

Dean Cullen has pulled two games into the lead in division 3 with a 21-6 record.

Both players are 20-7 atop division 5, but Rob Matthews +1405, beats Norbert Saldanha +897 on cume.

Connie Creed maintains her two-game lead over the rest in division 6 with her 22-5 record.

David Johnson's lead atop division 2 has slipped to one game, 21-6.

Division 4's Joseph Connelly maintains his one-game lead with a 21-6 record, but Roz Gold has moved up to second place, 20-7.

In division 1, Joe Edley is 20-7, followed by 3 players rated 19-8: Dave Wiegand, Adam Logan, and Randy Hersom.

On more round to go!

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