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NSC 2000 Round 30 Commentary

Luise Shafritz just ran up looking for batteries. Her digital timer just stopped working. Talk about timing!

I took a break in the top game action to see a beautiful division 2 win for Betty Burton against Glenn Dunlop. 574-307. Betty played five bingos: DECLINE, HOISTED, PREgNANT to the T, NESTLERS from the N, and my favorite: WORDAGE making CONED. Glenn was a great sport!

Division 6 has a winner: Connie Creed. With a 419-344 win against Andrea Ross-Greene, she can't lose first place with one game to go. They both bingoed in their game: Connie played GENTLES and Andrea got down ATELIER. They were paired up only once before in this event and Connie took both wins.

Although he lost his last game, 12-year-old Leland Fidler is 17-13!

Division 4's board is a repeat of last game, Joe Connelly defeated Mike Ecsedy. I see FAMINEs and INTERReD on their board.

In division 3, Rusty Speltz defeated Ben Loiterstein, 398-345. He got down STAVING, which hooked to NU, creating GNU. Ben said Rusty made a great comeback to win. Ben's last three racks had 21 vowels!

Division 2's board 1: John Van Pelt lost to Dave Johnson by 16 points (I know, why aren't I taking down scores in these games?). John got down three bingos: COARSEST to the T, URBANIST to the T, and LOUNgER. Dave played the double-double mISCODED.

Board 2 in division 2, was abandoned, but by looking over the scoresheets, I see that Larry Sherman defeated Bob Lundegaard, 557-328. Larry played COMELIER, ESTRIOL, and DUETTIST (I just love that word!). Bob got down TwANGLED from the T on the triple lane.

In division 1 at board 2, Brian defeated Jim Kramer, 417-344. I got about two seconds to view the body and Brian, clearly busy concentrating on other things, told me two things about it: Jim played KARTINGS and Brian played XYLOSE from the triple for 51 points. The latter was a key point in the game. Jim had to challenge it to stand any chance of winning, so he did. The play was good.

Division 1's board 1 was already picked up by the time I got to it, but I'm told that Dave Wiegand defeated Joe Edley, 428-344. That means that Dave has won both games against Joe today. Of the four games they've played at this event, Dave has won three out of the four. Tracey, the game annotator tells me that Joe played INTERREX and Dave got down PIERCING and AnERGiAS.

At board 1 in division 5, Rob Matthews said, "Well, Stella whupped me again!" This was their second match this event and she won again, 333-320. He has a one-game lead, but he has a 300-point cume advantage. She could win the division if she beats him by more than 300 points next game!

Daniel Goldman just won his sixth game in a row, beating Matt Graham, 438-342. He is now 18-12 +290. In his game with Matt, he played URODELe, RATTIER making ROQUET (ROQUE was on the board). Matt played BRoNCHII (which Daniel let go, but it isn't good).

Board 1 (div 1) next round: Joe Edley vs. Wiegand (their third game in a row today) Board 2: Brian Cappelletto vs. Randy Hersom All four players are at 21 wins: +1434 for Joe, +1430 for David, +1279 for Brian, and +227 for Randy. (we think that Randy is hoping that Joe and Dave tie, because it is the only way he can win!)

Looks like division 3 is still a hot contest. Dean Cullen is 22-8 and David Pearl is 21-9. They meet at table 1 next round. Rusty Peltz, also 21-9 plays Dean Saldanha, 20-10 at table 2.

Turns out that division 2 has their winner. At 25-6, David Johnson cannot be caught.

I just saw Connie Creed hug Andrea Ross-Greene and congratulate her on her strong finish! And Connie is the won who has won division 6!

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