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2000 NSC Photo Highlights

At the Opening Reception: Kathy Hummel and Yvonne Gillispie of the NSA with Helen Van Tassel of Hasbro.

Matt Gildea (Hasbro Publishing) and Jane Williams (NSA).

Visiting Hasbro VIPs.

The Special Edition NSC 2000 Board.

NSA Executive Director John D. Williams, Jr. welcoming players.

One quarter of the tournament room.

Players being interviewed by Boston television crew.

Soon-to-be new National Champion Joe Edley vs. reigning National Champion Brian Cappelletto. See also their recorded game

National and World Champions, past and present.

Joe Edley concentrates despite a crowd of onlookers.

Media and player scrum surround Table #1 toward the end of the tournament.

David Wiegand congratulates new Champion Joe Edley.

The winning game: see also the recorded game.

Joe Edley goes over the final game with his wife, Director Laura Klein

National Champion Joe Edley receives a cheque for his winnings from John D. Williams, Jr. and Mark Morris.

National Champion Joe Edley receiving his prize from NSA Executive Director John D. Williams, Jr.

Tournament data processing staff at work


Web staff.

Word Judges.

Challenges adjudicated throughout the tournament.

A description of the tournament using a complete set of tiles, written by a player.

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