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NSC 2000 Players: Division 4

Players in this division are nominally rated 1300-1499.

1.0801490Andy Michlin
2.0221485Joseph Connelly
3.1151481Jay D Strieb
4.0631475Sarah King
5.0251474Carl Davis
6.0401466Mady M Garner
7.0961464M G Ravichandran
8.0711462Yvonne Lobo
9.0131459George Carty
10.1171457Robin Torrance
11.1211454Charmaine Wolfe
12.0981448Rhonda Roederer
13.0171439Woody Chen
13.0341439Esla Bynoe Ewida
15.0571433Paul R Holser
16.0871432Scott Pianowski
17.0511426Christopher Guilbert
18.1201414Harvey A Wilson
19.0271408Kaaren Dolinsky
20.0601406Michael Kelly
21.1191404Margaret Whitten
22.0291395Michelle Duford
22.1061395Mike Sherman
24.0181394Michael Christophel
25.0151393Vincent Castellano
26.0931390William J Pizer
27.0501387Joanne M Grow
28.0621385Ralph B King
29.0361384Dennis Fenichel
29.0791384Bill Menor
31.0321383Michael Ecsedy
32.0521379Lynn Gunn
33.1041375Robin Schlauch
34.0771368Ted Mast
35.1101366Marguerite Slavin
36.0071364Karrie Bowe
36.0861364Maddalena Palazzo
38.1091362Barry H Skoletsky
39.0891361Al Pitzel
40.1111356Richard C Solomon
41.0081353Etta Lee Brooks
42.0681351Sid Lashley
43.0991350George W Rogers
44.0281346Dannene Kulp Drummond
45.0581344Bennett Jacobstein
46.0241343Jonn Dalton
47.0141330Daniel Casey
48.0551329Susan Hoehn
49.0371328R A Fontes
50.0041327Mary Atwood
50.0121327Helen Burns
52.0951326Git Quan
53.0691325Rosemarie Leitzell
54.0541315Camela Hicks
55.0061314Roberta Borenstein
56.0651313Alan Kraus
56.0451313Kevin Glenn
58.0191310Jane Clark
58.1131310Barry Spinner
60.0851308Susie Page
61.1051307Mason Shambach
62.0661306Sarel Kromer
63.0021304Barbara Aruanno
64.0381303Judith Ford
65.0391302Vinnette Francis
66.0941300Barbara Platt
67.0671296Florence Laatz
68.0561294Buffy Hogan
68.0881294Helen Pipi
70.0811286Mark Miller
71.1021284Ruth Sawyer
72.1221278Joyce Zmorzynski
73.0091272Rosetta Brooks
74.1181271Esther White
75.0641267Shelly S Koch
76.0901265Joyce Pitzel
77.0731262Dorothy Luckey
78.0461251Rosalind Gold
79.0911250Wilma Pitzer
80.0831246Joe Neff
80.0441246Ruben F Gittes
82.0351245Gina Fassio
83.1121239Tammy Soncrant
84.0761230Sophie Marques
84.0751230Daiva Markelis
86.0841228Judy Newhouse
86.0481228Kathy Gray
88.0101217Diane Brown
88.0701217Herb Lewis
90.0111211Jack Brown
91.0311210Christine Economos
92.0721206Celia Lopez
93.0161202Paula M Catanese
94.0821195Mary Mouch
95.0491194Murray Griffin
96.0611187Millicent King
97.0471186Joan P Gray
97.0231186Maneck F Contractor
97.0921186Marion E Pizer
100.0261173W David Dinning
101.0421170Marie Gier
102.0411167Dawn Gewecke
103.0591162Eve Jones
104.0531158Dorothy W Halprin
104.0431158Lynn Gillespie
106.1071156Hilda L Siegel
107.0781155Nancy Mccarroll
108.0741150Sonia Lyda
109.1081145Concepta Siembab
110.1141124Deborah Stegman
111.0051118Barbara Besadny
112.0301112Carolyn Easter
113.0201106Lynda Woods Cleary
114.0031105Liz Ashby
115.1001102Marty Rosen
116.1161098Mrs Bert Tellone
117.0971096Steve Robbins
118.0011090Gloriosa O Agdeppa

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