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NSC 2000 Players: Division 5

Players in this division are nominally rated 1100-1299.

1.0081295Mary Ellen Bergeron
2.0741294Gene Tyszka
3.0751283Naomi Wallace
4.0641280Norbert Saldanha
4.0181280April Engel
6.0221274Patricia M Gehrmann
7.0341266Madelon K Krissoff
8.0421260Jay Malarcher
9.0631257Patricia Saito Stewart
10.0281255Thomas Hogeboom
11.0301252Brian Knudson
12.0131248Kenneth Camille
13.0021247Stella L Alejos
14.0141245Renee Camille
15.0331240Carolyn M Kribs
16.0411235David Lui
17.0441229Scott Mcdougall
18.0121211Paula Bullock
19.0201204Billie P Garver
20.0171202Rosetta Donelick
21.0711199Roger Steward
22.0521196Mary Parrish
23.0031193Lorna Armstrong
24.0111187Mollie Braverman
25.0271179Susan Herdic
26.0211167Helena Gauthier
27.0541159Anna V Picozzi
27.0241159Annette Glenn
29.0771146Sara Emily Weidner
30.0161145Mike Collier
31.0681144Neva Slater
32.0451141Gladys Mclaughlin
32.0621141Stella J Russell
34.0601133Irving Reed
35.0651131Teresa O Schaeffer
36.0321129Kurt M Kopitz
37.0431125Rob Matthews
38.0761124Roberta K Wechter
39.0351121Carol Kupsch
40.0061118Mary Becker
40.0051118Zarrine Banerji
42.0581115Kathleen Quesenberry
43.0481111Jeff Myers
43.0261111Roberta Hendrickson
45.0701106Rea Spidel
46.0611105Burke Riley
47.0401098Doreen Lucas
48.0801097Justine J Zollinger
49.0381096Laurie Longway
50.0511089Lorraine Pariser
51.0731088Waheed Thompson
52.0311087Claudia Koczka
53.0011085Chuck Abbate
54.0531080Georgia T Philpot
54.0071080Hilda Ben-Nun
56.0791067Kitty Yamauchi
57.0551056Claire Pleczynski
58.0671041Leonard Schultz
59.0561024Joanne Podlogar
60.0691019Rebecca Soble
61.0101012Vicki Blizzard
62.0291011Danny Kidd
63.0361008Donna Lent
64.0471007Dolores R Muhich
65.0591004Robert Readle
66.0391003Geeke Lossing
67.046983Ralph Moore
68.072976Sylvia Strong
69.004964Annette Bailey
70.078948Virginia Wood
71.025942John C Green Jr
72.049934Pernilla M Neal
73.015920James M Clark
74.057918Hildagard M Powell
75.009896Harriet Berkelhammer
76.066884Elliott Schiff
77.050854Wowo Nickens
78.023673Marsha Gillis

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