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NSC 2000 Players: Division 6

Players in this division are nominally rated <1100.

1.0341099Frances Gross
2.0371095May Haney
3.0221086Miles Dequetteville
4.0481083Sarah E Lowery
5.0301080Adam G Fleming
6.0121078Edward Bowe
7.0151070Stephen Brudno
7.0231070Sharon Downing
9.0641061Claire Slater
10.0791049Paul Feser
11.0621043Brian Schwartz
12.0591041Andrea Ross-Greene
13.0741037Elvira Toews
14.0421022James Johnson
15.0291019Sandra Finkelstein
16.0691011Diana Spiller
17.0081010Erna Beckles
18.0571008Rebecca Owen
19.0551000Joy Nees
20.003996Evelyn Axler
21.044995Joan Knobelsdorf
22.078988Irene Zeleniuk
23.072987Jane Tacker
24.021975Connie Creed
25.032965Lisa Frankki
26.073961Poppy Thompson
27.011958Carrie Board
27.025958Linda Eddy
29.077952Jeannie J Wilson
29.013952Kay Brick
31.043948Margaret E Kibbe
32.033943George Grant
33.005940Ronald Barker
34.075927Avis Turner
35.018919Carrol A Christian
36.056912Lena Norman
37.001907Gertrude Adcox
38.060901Miriam Saldanha
39.040897Patricia H Hiller
39.014897Genny Brooks Jones
41.027896Evelyn Evans
42.070893Paula Steffes
43.020888Betty A Collins
44.049887Barbara Major
45.045885Catherine Kopas
46.019882Tami Collier
47.063873Ida Ann Shapiro
48.054872Sophia Murzin
49.028859Leland Fidler
50.026856George Edelman
51.041847Iva J Hunt
52.051843Michael Mclaughlin
53.067839Connie Snead
54.016830Stacia Lee Camp
55.061827Richard Savitt
56.066826Eunice M Smith
57.076818Hayes Walker
58.053815Carolyn Mulqueen
59.024813Merran Dunlop
60.046797Heidi Kujac
61.002777Rob Antolak
61.010777Elaine Berel
63.047770Gail Linn
63.036770Dorothy M Hackney
65.052767Cheryl Melvin
66.058752Donna Paul
67.009751Andy Bellacera
68.004743Linda Barbour
69.050740Mary Mathews
70.065723Joyce Slaughter
71.031699L Cheryl Francis
72.007685Prudy Beal
73.071666Walter A Sudnikovich
74.039651Lois M Hawkins
75.038644Lois J Hawkins
76.017601Avis J Casely
77.068558Sandi Spencer

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