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Congratulations to the 2001 World Champion, Brian Cappelletto!

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WSC 2001 Commentary: Round 2

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Round 2

Mario Shalendra Ranasuriya (Bahrain) has won two games thus far. He just played the natural SHACKLE for 103 points.

I think I've found the person who uses the most post-it notes: Keiichiro Hirai (Japan)! I think I saw about half a dozen on his scoresheet during a game with James Kramer (United States).

In a game vs. Paul Yandisha Kalumba (Zambia), Peter Sinton (New Zealand) played HALTERE, JuDDERS/LAGOONS (hooking the S on the latter word, making two plays). Paul played ESCAPiNG, but lost the game, 342-459.

Ganesh Asirvatham (Malaysia) defeated Cecil Fernandes Prabhu (Gulf Champion) 450-301 this round. I think this game created the first "director" call so far. They called Charlie Southwell over to adjudicate because they both were left with tiles on their racks. Ganesh was stuck with the dreaded unplayable Q and was lucky that Cecil couldn't play his tiles either. The ruling was that both players should deduct the face value of their unplayable tiles from their own scores.

Naween Tharanga Fernando (Sri Lanka) is starting strong. In a game vs. Karl Khoshnaw (Kurdistan-Iraq), he won, 506-438.

The aforementioned Chris Cree (United States) has a big win this round, 475-350, against Alan Sinclair (Scotland). Chris played STERnWAY down the triple lane and SUBARId. If I can read my note, Alan played OBLIGED that game. Chris says this game came down to a crucial late game pass 7. With an S and blank still out, he drew a rack full of the Old MacDonald song, so he passed. It worked and he got down a bingo the next play, sealing the victory.

Sammy Okosagah (Nigeria) defeated John Grayson (Wales), 476-388 this round. Since Sammy was away from the table, John told me how the game unfolded. John played ENGUARd and sHATTER. Then Sammy made several strong plays in a row, JOCOSE (44), TEDIUMS (70), PINTANO (on the triple lane through the T in TEDIUMS, 30), and IGNORATE (?) (60). Sammy tried WARKY*, but it was challenged off.

During this round, Steven Gruzd (South Africa) got a chance to play a 9--SECTIONAL to an AL--in his game against Randy Hersom (United States).

While Matt Graham (United States) managed to get down ANOLYTE, he lost to Paul Stephen Cleary (Australia), 519-391. Paul played DwINDLES for 83 on the triple lane through the first D. He later had a three-bingo run in four turns: OCTANES, EMPTIEST (through the S), and FUNNIesT (through the second N).

Joe Edley (United States) eked out win against Zev Kaufman (Canada) this round, 458-430. Zev got down the lovely MENtHOlS for 95 down the triple that game. They end this round with similar cumulative spreads: -2, +2.

David Wiegand (United States) contends that it was Jim Geary (United States)'s wife bringing him a soda during this round that won him the game, 459-370. I note that Jim got down the lovely VENATOR#.

This round's featured interactive game is between Jakkrit Klaphajone (Thailand) and Joel Wapnick (World Champion).

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