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Congratulations to the 2001 World Champion, Brian Cappelletto!

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WSC 2001 Commentary: Round 6

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Round 6

At the end of Round 5, we noted two interesting facts in the reams of numbers we are massaging: John Luebkemann (United States) is 1.5-3.5 with a +55 spread. How does one lose three games, win only one, and still maintain a positive cume? The other fact worth noting is that Andrew Fisher (England) is 4-1 +651. Now, he's got a fine cushion of a spread!

Taewan Sutthasin (Thailand) just played RUTTIEST for 136 points and wonders if it is the highest play so far. Since we aren't keeping track, I can't be sure, but it is a high score! He managed four bingos this round.

Adam Logan (Canada) defeated Joey Mallick (United States) this round, 409-375. Adam got away with PREFAcER* to the R on the triple lane for 98. He claims he confused it with PRELUDER, which is good. This game, though, boiled down to what they both missed more than what they played. At one point, Adam played INKER to the triple missing DARKENER, HANKERER, HARKENERl, and WEAKENER. When Joey played aCTIONER, he missed INTERCOM to the M on the triple line. Joey also got down the lovely REVUIST.

The ever so modest James Kramer (United States) brings to my attention Andrew Fisher (England)'s find of RYOTWaRI through the W. Flabbergasted, Jim challenged and is "pretty impressed" that it came back acceptable.

At table 1 this round, Andrew Perry (England) defeated Kendall Boyd (New Zealand), 360-353. Kendall opened with REMASTER for 64 and later on Andrew got down MILORDS for 81. Andrew won by taking a chance on CLAVI$, about which he was not at all sure, as it is not acceptable in the British dictionary. Kendall challenged, the play was ruled acceptable, and the game was over. The entire game can be viewed in our live games section.

The undefeated until now Naween Tharanga Fernando (Sri Lanka) has fallen to Bob Lipton (United States) this round, 342-352. In the endgame, Bob held BEDR?D and Naween held EESUIEU. Naween found the elegant play of PEES/DIE/NE/GNARLINGS* for 40 points. Bob held him and figured out the math. If Bob challenged and GNARLINGS* was good, he'd lose 5 points and the game. So, he instead gambled on the outplay of BEDRiD, thinking that he would win by 1 point. As it turns out, Naween challenged, it was acceptable, and Bob ended up with the win. Other plays in the game: Naween's FLORuITS through the I and Bob's HOXED for 61 points.

Pakorn Nemitrmansuk (Thailand) defeated John Holgate (Australia), 392-360, and he remains the only undefeated player left. John got down SAtIATED to the D for 77 and Pakorn played DRAFTILY to the Y for 107. John also got down the non-bingo double-double: VENISON from the V for 40. While he has my attention, John points out that he had an excellent game against Brian Cappelletto (United States) last round where he lost, 447-431. John was most impressed with Brian's set up of an X outplay of OARIER down the triple, hooking onto to make AXE.

And one more 5-0 becomes a 5-1, Brian Cappelletto (United States) lost to Ganesh Asirvatham (Malaysia) 422-403. No details!

This round's featured interactive game is between Kendall Boyd (New Zealand) and Andrew Perry (England).

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