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Congratulations to the 2001 World Champion, Brian Cappelletto!

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WSC 2001 Commentary: Round 14

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Round 14

A silly observation, but I notice that Joel Wapnick (World Champion) has changed sides of the table for this game against Andrew Fisher (England). Looks like it worked, he won, 493-351.

Sam Kantimathi said to me, "His headphones (referring to Joel Sherman (United States)), dont' offend me. That he's listening to ABBA does."

A funny event occurred this round. From the quietness of the sidelines there erupted a sudden mechanical song: "Waltzing Matilda." Several chuckles and glances later, a red-faced Wilma Vialle managed to quiet the distrubance by what looked like jumping atop the animal to muffle its sounds. It appears that the Australian team's mascot, a stuffed kangaroo, also has musical talents when it is squeezed or dropped (as it was in this instance).

Hasbro Games executives Mike Gray, Senior Director of Product Design, and George Burtch, Vice President of Marketing, made a special trip to visit us from East Longmeadow, MA.

I spot a game between Christopher Sykes (Canada) and Peter (Pepito) Arreola (Saudi Arabia). Chris won, 352-346. Pepito got down POUNcES for 71 and Chris played SWEATIER to an R for 87. Chris points out that he would have MUCH preferred me to notice his 633 win in round 3. C'est dommage.

Matt Graham (United States) defeated Harshan Lamabadusuriya (Sri Lanka) this round, 475-372. In their postgame talk I overheard Matt commending Harshan on his good sportsmanship. Matt lost two challenges and still managed the win. Matt opened with RONEOEd for 64 and after a couple of small plays he tried SLUGGIER. Harshan challenged that off and played PENTELS hooking the S on DOUBLE, creating DOUBLES for 69. Matt challenged that play, it was acceptable, so Harshan got 74 for the play. According to Harshan, PENTELS created a dangerous opening in lane 15 to the triple, which he was nervous about. Matt surprised him and played GLUG leaving a G hanging out in lane o. Harshan then played YBET on lane 15, considering it to be the more dangerous opening. On his next turn, Matt bingoed through that G, creating COSIGNER for 149 points! Matt then got down ReVOTED and the game was his.

Joe Edley (United States) just had a low-score loss to James A. Cherry (Canada), 308-419.

Pakorn Nemitrmansuk (Thailand) defeated David William Boys (Canada) 512-441. The game opened with three bingos from Pakorn: ROILiER for 64, HUMIDOR for 85, and ASTONISH through the I for 76. At this point, the score was 223-28 with Dave hopelessly down. He managed to make a respectable comeback later in the game when he got down PEJORATE for 100. He stressed that it was important that I mention this play because he blocked Joel from playing it in the WSC six years ago.

This round Kristen Chew points out a low game score: 245-243, Lewis Singh (Guyana) defeating James Charles Wright (Gibraltar). We think that is the lowest scores we've seen yet.

Dan Laurentiu Sandu (Romania) pulled out his Romanian SCRABBLE® set as this round ended and showed off the letters. Turns out that words like III and ACIOAIEI are acceptable in Romanian SCRABBLE®.

Another slip has appeared at my desk: Mario Shalendra Ranasuriya (Bahrain), played LODGMENT for 176 and it was challenged and ruled acceptable, so he earned 181 points for that turn. He still lost the game 364-404 to Chris Cree (United States).

Bob Lipton (United States) and Jim Geary (United States) had this series of plays on their board: Bob: STERILE, Jim: LATHER, Bob: bONIEST/SLATHER, Jim: pEONAGE, and Bob: HAULERS. Bob won, 513-342.

In a low-scoring (for them), close game, Robert Felt (United States) defeated John Holgate (Australia), 380-379.

Ron Hoekstra (Canada) had six bingos this game and defeated John Grayson (Wales), 561-309. I'll try to find out more about this game.

A word judge just slipped me a piece of paper. A player played MANS/MUNTERS*. His opponent challenged only MANS, which is a good play. MUNTERS*, however, is a phoney. Oops.

Joel Wapnick (World Champion) is the only player with 12 wins now and a monster spread of 1052, more than twice the spread of Adam Logan (Canada), one of 4 players with 11-3 records. David Acton (England), currently in 36th place is 8-7 +1. Fourteen games and a spread of 1!

This round's featured interactive games are:

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