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Congratulations to the 2001 World Champion, Brian Cappelletto!

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WSC 2001 Commentary: Round 19

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This round's featured interactive games are:
Round 19

I stumbled upon a completed game with some fun stuff on the table. The gear belongs to Allan Simmons (England). He's got a special small notebook where with a small paper board taped to the left side and on the right a place to record his plays. Well, if you could read his writing, you see what plays he records, but I digress. Perhaps the most fun item is his tile rack. He comes by, sees my interest, and launches into a long discussion of its origin. It is constructed from a piece of "dadorail." Sensing my confusion, he goes on to explain that dadorail is the molding that is placed around a room during construction for a finishing touch. He cut it, added brass curtain rings, shelf supports on the bottom, and a French polish. He estimates that it cost 20p to make. John and I first convert that to Canadian and then to American money and we estimate it to be about 30 to 35 cents. So, if Allan did sell them for 10 pounds a piece, he would soon be rich!

In his game, oh yeah, that was why I was at his table! In his game, he defeated Evan Simpson (England), 468-438. Allan opened the game with CRIMpER for 72 to which Evan responded with TEDDIES/SCRIMPER for 88, which got challenged, earning Evan 5 more points. Later in the game, Evan played NEUROIDS through the R and Allan responded on his next play with FARINOSE through the I. The tile gods are to be thanked for Allan's next draw of EIHNR?. He played sHINIER for 69, which was as Allan put it "just waht you want." Allan has 7 straight wins now.

Robin Pollock Daniel (Canada) lost to David Wiegand (United States) this round, 472-419. She is feeling pretty demoralized with her tiles. She is averaging more than 400 points per game, but she keeps getting bad, vowel-heavy racks. Her husband Gary was kneeling near her, comforting her. The Oxygen network is here following Robin around the event.

At table 2, Pakorn Nemitrmansuk (Thailand) follows his win over a Canadian player last round with a loss to a Canadian player this round. He was defeated by Adam Logan (Canada), 438-290. An amazing game for Adam! Looking over the board, I see Adam's ROUTHIER to the second R for 95. The play was challenged, so call it an even 100. Adam's next play was PIONY for 41, which also survived a challenge for 5 more points. Pakorn did get down SADISTS which he claims he almost missed seeing. He held Adam on the play of ULNAE/DIVA, but didn't end up challenging. His annotator this game, John Roberts, points out Pakorn's nice find of ALOGIA. John says Pakorn had virtually no chance of winning this game. His shirtsleeves pulled down over his hands, Adam wanders over and shares in the postgame chatter.

James Kramer (United States) tells me about his game with Joe Edley (United States). Jim bingoed on his 2nd and 3rd plays with ROUsTED, a double-double for 86, and PHONEYED to the D for 84. He was up by 150 points. Then Joe had a good streak playing, BENNIES for 65, WILLERS for 88 plus 5 for a challenge (Jim tells me that even Joe didn't hold much hope that it was good, but it was!), and PARDONS for 70. Joe wasthen within 13 points when Jim played FOrMIATE through the A for 74. Jim tells me that Joe "just kept on scoring," but Jim ended up with the win, 467-438.

At table 1, Brian Cappelletto (United States) defeated Joel Wapnick, 464-364, which moved Brian into first place for the first time of the event. He is the only player with 15 wins. Three players have 14 wins: Naween Tharanga Fernando (Sri Lanka), started this morning at 5th place, but moved up to second after this round (winning his last 4 games), Adam Logan (Canada), and Pakorn Nemitrmansuk (Thailand).

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