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Congratulations to the 2001 World Champion, Brian Cappelletto!

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WSC 2001 Commentary: Round 20

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This round's featured interactive games are:
Round 20

Robin Pollock Daniel (Canada) and John Holgate (Australia) had to call the director over to their game just as it had begun. Their tilebag had sprung a leak and Charlie was called over to adjudicate. He provided them with a new bag and told them to keep going. Joshing Charlie, Robin said something about how glad she was that tilebag replacements were part of his directorial duties. Showing that she can run tournaments and sew all at the same time, Wilma Vialle is now sewing up the torn protile bag with her cross stiching needle and thread! What a gal!

At table 34 Aaron Clottey (Ghana) had a good game against Chris Cree (United States) this round, winning, 464-428. It was close most of the way. Chris got down BOOTLACe through the second O for 81, DELETES for 61, and IXIA for 59. Aaron played PARKInG for 82, RENTING for 83, AFREETS for 68, and SWIPE to the triple for 50. In post game analysis I heard Chris say, "Do y'all have DEVON in your book?" Aaron had a puzzled look for a second, but finally got what Chris was asking.

At table 14, Ganesh Asirvatham (Malaysia) is playing Joshua Otieno Manase (Kenya). I see Ganesh with BEAPE?O on his rack and he played sO for 6. I guess this was a defensive play. I look over at Joshua's last rack and it is: CARLUET. After they finish I wander over and see that ganesh won, 491-430. He played three bingos: ENFACING through the N for 65, APIARIaN from the first A for 85, and LAMENTS for 71. Another lovely find, not a bingo, but a double-double, was Ganesh's VILAYETS for 52 through the LA. Joshua got down DIAMINES through the M for 74 and HINTERS hooking the S to make ZEDS for 87.

Making his way out of the playing room, Mario Shalendra Ranasuriya (Bahrain), our 15-year old Bahrainian contestant (the youngest player ever to compete in a WSC) says he has won his last three games. He is now up to 8 wins. Ever ambitous he says, "now I just to need to win the next four!"

At table 13, Michael Arthur Quao (Ghana) eked out a win against Kendall Boyd (New Zealand) in a real squeaker, 391-388. They were both very low on their clocks by the game's end. Michael was extremely happy to have pulled out the victory. At one point, as other players started gathering around, Kendall said he had played a word hoping to either eat up Michael's time running him into time trouble or perhaps encouraging him to challenge. Eyes flashing and smiling wide, Michael confessed he wasn't going to challenge anything Kendall played out of fear of the 5-point penalty. Only two bingos this game: Michael's rECEDING through the second E for 76 and Kendall's sMARTER for 78. One of them, and my notes aren't helping me here, made a lovely play of BOWGET atop PACIFY, making OPACIFY for 50 points.

Perhaps due to the intense attention and need for down time between rounds, boards 1 and 2 started much later than the other games this round. There is a Canadian face-off at table 2 between Adam Logan (Canada) and Joel Wapnick (World Champion). At table, Pakorn Nemitrmansuk (Thailand) is playing Brian Cappelletto (United States). There are so many people crowded around them that you can barely see who is playing. The Canadian game finished first with Joel defeating Adam 458-393. Pakorn loses to Brian, 481-383. Perhaps fitting, Pakorn challenged Brian's third bingo in a row during their game: GRUESOME. It was ruled acceptable.

As we head off to lunch, Brian Cappelletto (United States) is in first by two games with 16 wins. And, seven players have 14 wins! Andrew Fisher (England) +952, Joel Wapnick (World Champion) +870, Adam Logan (Canada) +819, Naween Tharanga Fernando (Sri Lanka) +812, Brett Smitheram (England) +565, James Kramer (United States) +391, and Pakorn Nemitrmansuk (Thailand) +44. Wide ranges of spread there.....

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