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Congratulations to the 2001 World Champion, Brian Cappelletto!

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WSC 2001 Commentary: Round 21

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Round 21

Another great lunch for the contestants and staff. Today and yesterday were plated meals with waiter service. The food has uniformly been very good and there has been enough to go around. Kristen Chew was nice enough to run into the lunch room while I was catching up on captions and she took the lunch room photos.

After she returned I found Joanne Craig and Albert Hahn playing SCRABBLE® outside the playing room. Players were enjoying a moment of relaxation before the afternoon rounds were to begin.

I see a pretty amazing board between Brett Smitheram (England) and Naween Tharanga Fernando (Sri Lanka). Brett won, 504-426. On this board I spot an opening play of EULOGIA and a responding play of SPATTERED through the A in the first play. I see SHADOWER through the D, LINIsHED/SHADOWERS, ISATInE, and DOUANIER through an E. No idea who played what but a pretty board nonetheless.

495-494, Joey Mallick (United States) defeats Robert Felt (United States) in a squeaker! Joey's favorite play was ORGANIzeR through the disconnected O and A, an 82-point double-double. No slouch, Bob got down FOLIATED from the F for 78, INFRARED through the A for 74, and CAUTIOUS from the C for 74, all in a row. Later in the game Bob got down ADMIXES hooking the S to also create JeEPS for 90. Sadly, this just wasn't enough to overcome Joey's earlier play, CZARINAS through the N for 73, and REVIsED which hooked the blank s creating ORGANIzeRS for 83. Pretty much estatic, Joey has won all his games today to reach a 13-8 record. If I heard Bob right, he said he is 10-11 but averaging 441 points per game.

James Kramer (United States) had a monster win against Pakorn Nemitrmansuk (Thailand) this round, 566-345. Jim opened with LADDERS for 70, got down REQUOtE for 94, TOTTEREd for 66, VISORED for 80, and replete on the triple lane for 84. Pakorn politely pointed out how this blocked his play of COINAGE. Pakorn got down IMBUING, hooking the B to make BLADDERS, too, for 78. Out of sheer desperation, Pakorn opened triple after triple. He played NOMEN for 14, Jim used it to play EF/NY/FY for 44. Pakorn played LOVAT to open another triple and Jim blocked with EL. Then Pakorn opened one last lane and Jim took that, too. Some games are just not to be won.

At table 2 last round, Adam Logan (Canada) defeated Andrew Fisher (England), 532-417. Annotator Gregg Foster tells me that this score doesn't show just how close, tight, and tense this game was for the players. Toward the end, Adam thought for a long time and played an outbingo of APOGAEIC to the C on the triple lane for 97 points. Andrew challanged and Adam seemed surprised and relieved when it came back acceptable. Andrew confessed that he was pretty sure it was good, but he had to challenge an outplay bingo. Other plays that game were Adam's AEROsAT for 71, ESTRONE for 71, JUNKIE for 50, CeRUMEN for 75, and his outbingo. Andrew got down OUTDRESS for 76 and ZINEB for 72. Interestingly, both players traded twice in a row at different points in the game.

John D. Williams, Jr., tells me that there is a woman here who is from a recognized Native American Tribal Nation who contacted the NSA about possibly playing for her nation at the next WSC. As it turns out, the answer to that question was no, but she is joining the NSA and is going to try her hand out with qualifying through the American team. She drove all the way down here to this WSC from Los Angeles to check out the action. I hope we see much more of her!

At table 1, Brian Cappelletto (United States) defeated Joel Wapnick (World Champion), 461-418. Joel got down sMARTING for 90, NARCIST for 74, and BOXIEST for 64. Brian played RIsKIEST for 76, ABJUrES for 86, and CROUPADE for 76.

Brian Cappelletto (United States) is now two games in the lead with 17 wins + 1002. Adam Logan (Canada), Brett Smitheram (England), and James Kramer (United States) all have 15 wins. On a quiet sneak upwards, Steve Polatnick (United States) is now 14.5 +611.

Next round, which will be paired in a modified king of the hill (all except for tables 1 and 2), will pit Brian Cappelletto (United States) against Brett Smitheram (England) at table 1 and James Kramer (United States) vs. Adam Logan (Canada) at board 2.

This round's featured interactive games are:

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