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Congratulations to the 2001 World Champion, Brian Cappelletto!

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WSC 2001 Photos Round 00

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Photo 00-001 Players gathering informally outside of the ballroom's reception.
Photo 00-002 Rashid Khan (Pakistan), Suresh Thevakumar Samuel Chinnaiyah (Sri Lanka), Edward Okulicz (Australia), Siu Hean Cheah (Singapore), guest, and Tony Sim (Singapore).
Photo 00-003 Jim Geary (United States), Colleen, and Jane Geary
Photo 00-004 Samantha, Chris, and David Wiegand (United States)
Photo 00-005 Craig Rowland and Zev Kaufman (Canada) looking dapper.
Photo 00-006 The anagram players: Roland Filio (Philippines) and Ronald Credo (Philippines) from the Philippines.
Photo 00-007 Team Kenya: Dixon Assesa (Kenya), Patrick Litunya (Kenya), Michael Gongolo (Kenya), and Joshua Otieno Manase (Kenya)
Photo 00-008 Some NSA staff members, Patty Hocker, Theresa Bubb, Sara Hallock, and Jane Williams.
Photo 00-009 Mary Rhoades helping Matt Graham (United States) fill out his W-9 forms.
Photo 00-010 More NSA workers: Cindy McCaffery and Yvonne Gillispie.
Photo 00-011 Evan Simpson (England) and Elie Dangoor.
Photo 00-012 The two tallest men in the room: Ron Hoekstra (Canada) and Andrew Perry (England). They are both taller than 6'5" and shorter than 7".
Photo 00-013 Tony Sim (Singapore), Siu Hean Cheah (Singapore), Ganesh Asirvatham (Malaysia),and Philip Nelkon, Mattel representative.
Photo 00-014 Friends meeting at the WSC: Paul Allan from Scotland and Ikuyo Nakazawa formerly from Japan, now residing in San Francisco.
Photo 00-015 Patrick Litunya (Kenya), Joshua Otieno Manase (Kenya), Femi Awowade (Nigeria), Samuel Fomum Tanee (Cameroon), Trevor Mark Hovelmeier (South Africa), and Michael Gongolo (Kenya).
Photo 00-016 Bob Lipton (United States) being interviewed by two reporters/filmmakers on camera. Not noticeable, perhaps, but Bob was wearing a great flag tie. We could tell he was an American from across the room!
Photo 00-017 Gary Daniel and his glamorous spouse Robin Pollock Daniel (Canada).
Photo 00-018 Naween Tharanga Fernando (Sri Lanka), Harshan Lamabadusuriya (Sri Lanka), and Suresh Thevakumar Samuel Chinnaiyah (Sri Lanka).
Photo 00-019 The documentary filmmaking crew of G. John Garrett and Deborah Fryer.
Photo 00-020 Dan Laurentiu Sandu (Romania).
Photo 00-021 Team New Zealand: Kendall Boyd (New Zealand), Peter Sinton (New Zealand), Howard Warner (New Zealand), and Jeff Grant (New Zealand).
Photo 00-022 Sanath Hemachandra (Oman), Cecil Fernandes Prabhu (Gulf Champion), Roland Filio (Philippines), guest, Susan Spiegel from Hasbro Canada, ?, and ?.
Photo 00-023 Team USA: kneeling: James Kramer (United States), John Luebkemann (United States), Randy Hersom (United States), Robert Felt (United States), Brian Cappelletto (United States), and Joey Mallick (United States). Standing: Jere Mead (United States), Matt Graham (United States), David Wiegand (United States), Joel Sherman (United States), Jim Geary (United States), Chris Cree (United States), Bob Lipton (United States), Steve Polatnick (United States), and Joe Edley (United States).
Photo 00-024 Luise Shafritz and Lawren Freebody.
Photo 00-025 Maor Eichler (Israel).
Photo 00-026 Team Malaysia: Ganesh Asirvatham (Malaysia) and Michael Tang (Malaysia).
Photo 00-027 Philip & Catherine Costello (Ireland) flank Kristen Chew.
Photo 00-028 Luise Shafritz, Lawren Freebody, Steve Polatnick (United States), and Joel Sherman (United States).
Photo 00-029 Steve Polatnick (United States), Lawren Freebody, and Joel Sherman (United States).
Photo 00-030 Susan Spiegel, Director of Marketing Services, Hasbro Canada, John D. Williams, Jr., and Joe Edley (United States).
Photo 00-031 Andrew Davis (England), Steven Gruzd (South Africa), Evan Simpson (England), Femi Awowade (Nigeria), Stu Goldman, Allan Simmons (England), and Sammy Okosagah (Nigeria).
Photo 00-032 John & Kristen Chew in the eternal daylight of "The Grand Canal" after setting the playing room up. This photo was taken at midnight local time.
Photo 00-033 Word Judge Rick Wong
Photo 00-034 Internet Coordinator Kristen Chew, NSA Director John D. Williams, Jr.
Photo 00-035 WSC Director Charlie Southwell
Photo 00-036 Lining up for registration and the reception
Photo 00-037 John D. Williams, Jr. welcomes the players
Photo 00-038 Gala reception hall
Photo 00-039 Reception hall entrance

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