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Congratulations to the 2001 World Champion, Brian Cappelletto!

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WSC 2001 Photos Round 22

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Photo 22-001 Rick Wong taking a challenge for Brian Cappelletto (United States) vs. Brett Smitheram (England).
Photo 22-002 View from the stage.
Photo 22-003 Steve Polatnick (United States) vs. Andrew Fisher (England) and onlookers listening in on their endgame discussion.
Photo 22-004 Steve Polatnick (United States) vs. Andrew Fisher (England). See commentary.
Photo 22-005 Zev Kaufman (Canada) vs. Jere Mead (United States).
Photo 22-006 Laura Klein and Gail Rubenstein, Hasbro's Director of Corporate Travel.
Photo 22-007 Kristen Chew and Wilma Vialle.
Photo 22-008 Evan Simpson (England) vs. Steven Gruzd (South Africa). See commentary.
Photo 22-009 Brian Cappelletto (United States) vs. Brett Smitheram (England). See commentary.
Photo 22-010 James Kramer (United States) vs. Adam Logan (Canada). See commentary.
Photo 22-011 Sanath Hemachandra (Oman) and his winning board. He defeated Dan Laurentiu Sandu (Romania), 474-268.
Photo 22-012 Zev Kaufman (Canada) vs. Jere Mead (United States). See commentary.
Photo 22-013 Robin Pollock Daniel (Canada) autographs a board for a fan.
Photo 22-014 Adam Logan (Canada) sneaks in a nap before the next round.

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