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2001 World SCRABBLE® Championship

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About the Event

The 2001 World SCRABBLE® Championship (WSC) took place on December 13-17, 2001 (see detailed schedule) at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Following registration and a private reception on the evening of Thursday, December 13th, players played eight games on each of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. At the end of this twenty-four game preliminary, the two players (Joel Wapnick of Montreal, QC, Canada and Brian Cappelletto of Chicago, IL) with the best records faced each other in a best-of-five final on the morning of Monday, December 17th to determine the new World SCRABBLE® Champion.

Congratulations to the new World Champion, Brian Cappelletto!

For more information on 12/17, contact John D. Williams Jr. at 702/414-1000 ext 33106. After 12/18, contact Yvonne Gillispie at or 631/477-0033 ext. 17.

What's New

[photo of past champions]
World SCRABBLE® Champions (L to R): Mark Nyman, Joel Wapnick, David Boys and Joel Sherman

Past WSCs

The WSC has been held every two years since 1991, and is hosted every four years by Hasbro and the National SCRABBLE® Association. In total, 236 players have competed in the event.

2001Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A.Brian Cappelletto, U.S.A.
1999Melbourne, AustraliaJoel Wapnick, Canada
1997Washington, D.C., U.S.A.Joel Sherman, U.S.A.
1995London, U.K.David Boys, Canada
1993New York City, U.S.A.Mark Nyman, U.K.
1991London, U.K.Peter Morris, U.S.A.


A total of $50,100 in prizes will be paid out at the 2001 World SCRABBLE® Championship:

Champion:$25,000  7th place:$800
Runner-up:$10,000 8th place:$600
3rd place:$5,000 9th place:$400
4th place:$3,000 10th place:$300
5th place:$2,000 11th-15th place:$250
6th place:$1,000 16th-20th place:$150


The WSC will be played under NSA Tournament Rules with changes described WSC Rules. In particular, the word references will be OSW-I, MWCD and TCD, and a five-point penalty will apply to failed challenges.

Hotel Information

To find out more about the Venetian Hotel, including contact and reservation information, please see our Hotel Information page.

About the Players

All competitors are requested to complete our biography form, which asks for information that may be used for publicity purposes. Each contestant is asked to email a JPEG format photo suitable for use in our photo gallery to as soon as possible or post a scannable photo to NSA, PO Box 700, Greenport, New York, 11944 USA. Players should also check our Information for Players page for frequent updates.

The list of registered players can be viewed by country, by photo or by standing.

U.S. and Canadian players compete in a qualification system run by the NSA, the details of which can be found at the following pages.

Players representing other countries should contact their national player organizations or SCRABBLE® distributor.

In addition to defending World Champion Canadian Joel Wapnick, ninety-six players have been invited to represent their countries or regions at WSC 2001 as shown below. Where two numbers are listed after a country's name, the first is the number of players they will send and the second is the total number of players they are eligible to send.

This page will be updated with more about the players as information becomes available.

About the Committee

As of May 3rd, 2001, the National SCRABBLE® Association (NSA) is please to announce the Committee for the 2001 World SCRABBLE® Championship. Assisting the NSA staff will be

Charlie Southwell (VA)

Laura Klein (NY)

Data Administrator
RA Fontes (OR)

Word Judges
Mary Rhoades (TX)
Luise Shafritz (NV)
Rick Wong (CA)

Internet Reporter
Sherrie Saint John (MA)

John J. Chew (ON, CAN)

Internet Coordinator
Kristen Chew (ON, CAN)

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