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NSC 2002 Photos Round 00

Congratulations to our new National Champion, Joel Sherman!

See also: video clip 1 (2 MB), video clip 2 (2 MB). (video courtesy Roger Cullman)

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Photo 00-001

One of the many reception cakes adorned with the NSC logo

Photo 00-002

San Diego Concourse welcome sign. John D. Williams walks towards and greets to reception guests in the foreground.

Photo 00-003

Father/Sons meet at the NSC again: Leland Fidler (Waltham, MA), Mark Fidler (Waltham, MA), Scott Leifer (Middleboro, MA), and Dave Leifer (Alpharetta, GA).

Photo 00-004

Avi Moss (Brooklyn, NY) and Mark Kenas (Madison, WI) at the buffet.

Photo 00-005

The buffet's sushi display.

Photo 00-006

Claudia Koczka (Williamsville, NY) and Jerry Scheiten (Buffalo, NY).

Photo 00-007

Siri Tillekeratne (Calgary AB), Lisa Kessler (Toronto ON), and Brenda Megannety (Toronto ON).

Photo 00-008

Christine Economos (New York, NY), Rich Baker (Westhampton Beach, NY), Judy Ford (Hollywood, FL), and Liz Ashby (Westhampton Beach, NY).

Photo 00-009

Nancee Mancel (Rio Rancho, NM) and Chris Guilbert (New Bedford, MA).

Photo 00-010

Lorraine Burton (Baltimore, MD), Charlene White (Kearny, NJ), Margaret Bauer Williams (Kearny, NJ), and a guest.

Photo 00-011

Sarah Rosenblum (West Orange, NJ), Ginger White (Shirley, NY), and Lynne Mitchnick (North Bergen, NJ).

Photo 00-012

Debbie Stegman (Ossining, NY), Craig Rowland (Mississauga ON), Pat Krohn (Milwaukee, WI), and Jim Nanavati (Burlington ON).

Photo 00-013

Muhit Rahman (Cincinnati, OH) and Asif Rahman (Cincinnati, OH).

Photo 00-014

Ken Louie (Whittier, CA) and his guest.

Photo 00-015

Rosalind Gold (New York, NY), Tom Titus (Costa Mesa, CA), Peter Dolgenos (San Francisco, CA)

Photo 00-016

Bruce Adams (Worcester, MA), Wendy Wolfberg, and Doug, Bruce's guest.

Photo 00-017

Cason Lane (San Diego, CA), Sam Kantimathi (El Dorado Hills, CA), and Trey Wright (Beverly Hills, CA).

Photo 00-018

Elisabeth Jordan (Santa Monica, CA) and Gregg Foster (Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA).

Photo 00-019

?, Marlon Hill (Baltimore, MD), and Carole Denton (New Carrollton, MD).

Photo 00-020

Don and Rose Kreiswirth (East Northport, NY).

Photo 00-021

Carol Ravichandran (Northville, MI).

Photo 00-022

?, Cynthia Seales (Stone Mountain, GA), Judy Ford (Hollywood, FL) and ?.

Photo 00-023

Eve Wengler, Kit Morehead (Berkley, MI), Scott McDougall (Williamsburg, VA), Scott Pianowski (Berkley, MI), and Noah Kanter (Berkeley, CA).

Photo 00-024

A front shot of Noah Kanter (Berkeley, CA) and Eve Wengler.

Photo 00-025

Ronnie Thomas (Bethesda, MD).

Photo 00-026

Lisa Kessler (Toronto ON) and Stuart Levinsky (Thornhill ON).

Photo 00-027

Stephen Moniz (Manchester, NH) and his wife Joanie Moniz.

Photo 00-028

Roy Kamen (Covina, CA), Maddy Golob (Canyon Country, CA), Jason Bednarz (Las Vegas, NV), Jim Geary (Glendale, AZ) (in the background) and Trey Wright (Beverly Hills, CA).

Photo 00-029

Alice Goodwin (Seattle, WA), her son Daniel Goodwin (Seattle, WA), and Mike Frentz (San Bruno, CA).

Photo 00-030

Barbara Epstein (Brooklyn, NY) and her husband.

Photo 00-031

Julie Chase (Woodland Hills, CA) and Gene Tyszka (Mississauga ON).

Photo 00-032

Marlon Hill (Baltimore, MD) and Patricia Barrett (Houston, TX).

Photo 00-033

Evelyn Evans (Queens Village, NY) and Dolores Furye (Bronx, NY).

Photo 00-034

Marie Gier (Gainesville, FL) and Geeke Lossing (Melrose, FL)

Photo 00-035

Barbara Lowrey (Londonderry, NH), Carole Denton (New Carrollton, MD), and her husband Dennis Larkin.

Photo 00-036

Adam Logan (Berkeley, CA) gotcha!, Andrea Michaels (San Francisco, CA), and Eric Harshbarger (Auburn, AL).

Photo 00-037

Jan Dixon (Wilmington, DE) and Stephen Dennis (Atlanta, GA).

Photo 00-038

Gina Fassio (Methuen, MA), Lorraine Burton (Baltimore, MD), and Gina's guest, her sister's husband.

Photo 00-039

Herb Lewis (Cherry Hill, NJ).

Photo 00-040

David Gibson (Spartanburg, SC), Randy Greenspan (Buffalo, NY), and Ember Nelson (Buffalo, NY).

Photo 00-041

Jim Kramer (Roseville, MN) and Paul Avrin (New York, NY).

Photo 00-042

Andre Ornish (La Mesa, CA) and his guest of equal stature.

Photo 00-043

Max Panitch (Toronto ON).

Photo 00-044

Albert Hahn (Calgary AB)and Vivienne Muhling (Toronto ON).

Photo 00-045

Nick Carter (Richmond, VA) and Matthew Carter (Richmond, VA).

Photo 00-046

Mark Landsberg (Laguna Woods, CA), Lori Gaut (Valencia, CA), and William D Shipe (La Jolla, CA).

Photo 00-047

Joel Wapnick (Montréal QC) and David Gibson (Spartanburg, SC).

Photo 00-048

Carol Yamashita (Hilo, HI), Walker Willingham (Bainbridge Island, WA), Mark Pistolese (Pahoa, HI), Gigi Miller (Reno, NV), Greg Heidler (Waialua, HI), and seated: Carlynn Mayer (Sparks, NV), and Carlene Wallis (Sparks, NV).

Photo 00-049

Trying out their new travel SCRABBLE® set: Joel Elkins (West Hollywood, CA) and Bruce D Ambrosio (Los Angeles, CA).

Photo 00-050

Caesar Jaramillo (Austin, TX), Tunde Ogunyemi (Hyattsville, MD), and Waheed Thompson (New Orleans, LA).

Photo 00-051

Ginger White (Shirley, NY) and John D. Williams.

Photo 00-052

Robert Smith (Reno, NV).

Photo 00-053

Lynda Cleary (Princeton, NJ), ?, and Amit Chakrabarti (Hanover, NH).

Photo 00-054

Travis Chaney (Van Buren, AR) and Billie Garver (Leachville, AR).

Photo 00-055

Diane Firstman (Brooklyn, NY) and Lori Gaut (Valencia, CA) compare their heights. Diane still wins no matter how high Lori's heels are!

Photo 00-056

Scott Appel (Neshanic, NJ) and his finacee Ellen Kelly.

Photo 00-057

Daniel Goldman (New York, NY) and Debbie Stegman (Ossining, NY).

Photo 00-058

Camela Hicks (Portland, OR) and her son Zeno Merlin Alexander. Missing from the photo is Zeno's dad Steven Alexander (Portland, OR).

Photo 00-059

Tony's guest, Tony Leah (Ajax ON), and Lynda Wise (Toronto ON).

Photo 00-060

Jim Miller (San Diego, CA), Gary Dismukes (San Diego, CA), and Jack Eichenbaum (Flushing, NY).

Photo 00-061

Jim Geary (Glendale, AZ), John Babina (Norwalk, CT), Howard Greenspan (Norwalk, CT), and Mark DiBattista (Astoria, NY).

Photo 00-062

Von Parrish, Yvonne Gillispie, [error: no such id: BenLoiterstein], and Scott Pedersen.

Photo 00-063

Matt Hesson (Las Vegas, NV) and Julie Ellen Maria (Oxnard, CA).

Photo 00-064

Dave Leifer (Alpharetta, GA) and Elaine Patterson (Stoughton, MA).

Photo 00-065

Arnie Horowitz (Framingham, MA) and Michael Wolfberg (Concord, MA).

Photo 00-066

When I asked David Pearl (Long Beach, CA) who his guests were, he said, "My wife and my cuñada." Not speaking Spanish, this worried me a bit, but I looked it up and it means sister-in-law!

Photo 00-067

Avi Moss (Brooklyn, NY), who is not be confused with any other player from New York.

Photo 00-068

Roy Kamen (Covina, CA) under the glare of a documentary filmmaker. I think it is division 3 player Paul Terry (N. Las Vegas, NV).

Photo 00-069

Amit Chakrabarti (Hanover, NH), Lisa Odom (St Louis Park, MN), Mike Sherman (Bronx, NY), Larry Sherman (Bronx, NY), and Lynn Cushman (New York, NY) seated.

Photo 00-070

Jeannie J Wilson (Livermore, CA) and Jeanne Freebody (Provincetown, MA).

Photo 00-071

Sally Ricketts (New York, NY) and Mira Stulman (New York, NY).

Photo 00-072

Andrea Michaels (San Francisco, CA) listens to an entertaining tale from Lester Schonbrun (Oakland, CA) while Joan Mocine (Oakland, CA) pretends to be surprised to see me.

Photo 00-073

Amber (daughter of Joe Edley (Coram, NY) and Laura Klein, the NSC organizer) and Melina Baron-Deutsch (daughter of Mike Baron (Corrales, NM) and Pamina Deutsch).

Photo 00-074

Smiling Texans: Kathy and Chris Cree (Dallas, TX).

Photo 00-075

Stefan Fatsis (Brooklyn, NY) signs a copy of Word Freak for Jeanne Yori (Culver City, CA)

Photo 00-076

Chloe poses with her parents Stefan Fatsis (Brooklyn, NY) and Melissa Block.

Photo 00-077

Not lacking for attention, Chloe is passed from Auntie Susi Tiekert (Alpharetta, GA) to Auntie Diane Firstman (Brooklyn, NY).

Photo 00-078

Marlon Hill (Baltimore, MD) chatting with a reception guest.

Photo 00-079

Jan Dixon (Wilmington, DE), Rita Norr (Danbury, CT), Rich Baker (Westhampton Beach, NY), Robert Gillis (Huntsville, AL), and Tracy Cobbs (Decatur, AL).

Photo 00-080

Maureen Kennerk (Hicksville, OH), Patricia Saito Stewart (Stevens Point, WI), Rob Matthews (Winter Springs, FL), L Cheryl Francis (Old Town, ME)

Photo 00-081

Tracy Cobbs (Decatur, AL) and Drew Allen (Philadelphia, PA).

Photo 00-082

Tracy Hogan, Senior Marketing Manager for Hasbro Games, her guest Maryann, and the NSA's Teresa Bubbs.

Photo 00-083

NSA's Sara Hallock (behind the desk) and Patty Hocker (in front of the desk) help register Julia Bogle (Indianapolis, IN).

Photo 00-084

The running twins: Ron Barker (Boise, ID) and Jim Barker (San Jose, CA).

Photo 00-085

Esla Ewida (Jersey City, NJ) and Dave Zimmerman (Baton Rouge, LA).

Photo 00-086

Jessie Sparkman and Vivien Valenzuela Mallick.

Photo 00-087

Justine Zollinger (Memphis, TN) and Cynthia Pughsley (Oakland, CA).

Photo 00-088

Will Cooper (Winston-Salem, NC) and Jesse Cromer (Waxhaw, NC).

Photo 00-089

Lorraine Pariser (Covina, CA) and Lois M Hawkins (Los Angeles, CA).

Photo 00-090

Yvonne Gillispie and Von Parrish.

Photo 00-091

Linda and Randy Hersom (Morganton, NC).

Photo 00-092

Several of the Thai players: Nuttakrit K (Thailand), Thavach T (Thailand), Komol Panyasoponlert (Thailand), Charnwit Sumrattanaporn (Thailand), Amnuay Ploysangngam (Thailand), Gerald Carter (Thailand), Jakkrit Klaphajone (Thailand).

Photo 00-093

Intern Anne Koza and her cousin, Jeff Persson.

Photo 00-094

Martin Smith (East Orange, NJ), Dominic Grillo (Somerset, NJ), and Scott Appel (Neshanic, NJ).

Photo 00-095

Evelyn R Davis (Anaheim Hills, CA) and her reception guest.

Photo 00-096

Tunde Ogunyemi (Hyattsville, MD) and Jacqueline Camper (Memphis, TN).

Photo 00-097

J Goard (Foresthill, CA) and Carol Johnson (Sacramento, CA).

Photo 00-098

John Williams showing his cordial side to Robert Linn (Potomac, MD) and Gail Linn (Potomac, MD).

Photo 00-099

Susan Love (Milwaukee, WI) and Alan Love (Milwaukee, WI).

Photo 00-100

Gloria Miller (Santa Monica, CA) overjoyed to run into Susan Love (Milwaukee, WI) and Alan Love (Milwaukee, WI).

Photo 00-101

Diane Brown (Toronto ON), Gene Rawlins (Scarborough ON), and Maddalena Palazzo (Richmond Hill ON).

Photo 00-102

Maddalena Palazzo (Richmond Hill ON) and Mark Milan (San Juan Capistrano, CA).

Photo 00-103

John Babina (Norwalk, CT), Pete Muller (New York, NY), Dave Zimmerman (Baton Rouge, LA), and Howard Greenspan (Norwalk, CT) playing anagrams with the travel SCRABBLE® tiles. Hard to see on the white tablecloth, but they are there!

Photo 00-104

Some of the Calagary SCRABBLE® club: Siri Tillekeratne (Calgary AB), Wayne Clifford (Calgary AB), Grace Brooks (Calgary AB), Randall Thomas (Calgary AB), Anna marie Cook (Calgary AB), Mike Ebanks (Calgary AB), Alvina Palmer (Calgary AB), Danny Panganiban (Calgary AB), and sitting Margaret West (Calgary AB), Maureen Clifford, and Rebecca Soble (Naples, NY).

Photo 00-105

Brian Cappelletto (Chicago, IL) and Sam Kantimathi (El Dorado Hills, CA) pose with Melina Baron-Deutsch and Amber Edley.

Photo 00-106

Already hopping in the after-hours room, Tracy Cobbs (Decatur, AL), Steve Tier (Rego Park, NY), and Marty Gabriel (Berwyn, IL) consult over their rack. Bob Lundegaard (Minneapolis, MN) and ? share the other rack. Barbara C Ring (Portland, OR), Gregg Foster (Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA), and Sara Hamel (California City, CA) look on.

Photo 00-107

Rita Norr (Danbury, CT) and Paul Avrin (New York, NY) scribbling furiously on their rotisserie sheets.

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