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NSC 2002 Photos Round 32

Congratulations to our new National Champion, Joel Sherman!

See also: video clip 1 (2 MB), video clip 2 (2 MB). (video courtesy Roger Cullman)

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Not all top finishers were able to make the awards ceremony. All those who were present to receive their awards are pictured here.
Photo 32-001

Taewan Sutthasin (Thailand) and his son, Book. Since Taewan was so fond of books, he named his son after one!

Photo 32-002

New York players and friends wait for awards ceremony to begin. Ed Neugroschl (New Milford, CT) and his wife Jill, Christine Economos (New York, NY), Diane Firstman (Brooklyn, NY), Steve Tier (Rego Park, NY), and Debbie Stegman (Ossining, NY).

Photo 32-003

Who can get enough SCRABBLE®? Two players wait for the awards ceremony over another game of SCRABBLE®!

Photo 32-004

Laura Klein starts the awards ceremony.

Photo 32-005

Bryan Pepper, division 5 leader, presents awards for both divisions 5 and 6.

Photo 32-006

John D. Williams and Terry Kang (Philadelphia, PA), 5th place, division 6.

Photo 32-007

John D. Williams and Edgar Thomas (Cambridge, MA), 4th place, division 6.

Photo 32-008

John D. Williams and Jesse Cromer (Waxhaw, NC), 3rd place, division 6.

Photo 32-009

John D. Williams and Paul Haverly (Los Angeles, CA), 2nd place, division 6.

Photo 32-010

John D. Williams and Dielle Saldanha (Richmond BC), 1st place, division 6.

Photo 32-011

John D. Williams and Leland Fidler (Waltham, MA), 4th place, division 5. After the ceremony, Leland admitted he'd spent the past few weeks studying word lists furiously to prepare for the NSC. Looks like the study paid off!

Photo 32-012

John D. Williams and Angelina Scroggins (Minneapolis, MN), 3rd place, division 5.

Photo 32-013

John D. Williams and Gina DuMez (Elgin, IL), 2nd place, division 5.

Photo 32-014

John D. Williams and Scott McDougall (Williamsburg, VA), 1st place, division 5.

Photo 32-015

Mary Rhoades, division 3 and 4 leader, announces her division's awards.

Photo 32-016

John D. Williams and Tony Leah (Ajax ON), 4th place, division 4.

Photo 32-017

John D. Williams and Dave Zimmerman (Baton Rouge, LA), 3rd place, division 4.

Photo 32-018

John D. Williams and Ralph King (Melrose, FL), 2nd place, division 4.

Photo 32-019

John D. Williams and Norbert Saldanha (Richmond BC), 1st place, division 4.

Photo 32-020

John D. Williams and Shannon Burns (Calgary AB), 6th place, division 3.

Photo 32-021

John D. Williams and John Viloria (Yonkers, NY), 5th place, division 3.

Photo 32-022

John D. Williams and Stephen Dennis (Atlanta, GA), 4th place, division 3.

Photo 32-023

John D. Williams and Susi Tiekert (Alpharetta, GA), 3rd place, division 3. There were so many New Yorkers taking photos of Susi at the same time, this shot got a wee bit overexposed!

Photo 32-024

John D. Williams and Patrick Hodges (Glendale, AZ), 2nd place, division 3.

Photo 32-025

John D. Williams and Doug Brockmeier (Yorba Linda, CA), 1st place, division 3.

Photo 32-026

Bonnie Rudolph, division 1 and 2 leader, handing out prizes.

Photo 32-027

John D. Williams and Mark Landsberg (Laguna Woods, CA), 8th place, division 2.

Photo 32-028

John D. Williams and Jack Eichenbaum (Flushing, NY), 7th place, division 2.

Photo 32-029

John D. Williams and Mark Pistolese (Pahoa, HI), 6th place, division 2.

Photo 32-030

John D. Williams and Brian Williams (Winnipeg MB), 5th place, division 2.

Photo 32-031

John D. Williams and Clay Daniel (Dallas, TX), 4th place, division 2.

Photo 32-032

John D. Williams and Sal Dijamco (Margate, FL), 2nd place, division 2.

Photo 32-033

John D. Williams and Chuck Armstrong (Saline, MI), 1st place, division 2.

Photo 32-034

John D. Williams and Joel Wapnick (Montréal QC), 10th place, division 1.

Photo 32-035

John D. Williams and Marlon Hill (Baltimore, MD), 8th place, division 1.

Photo 32-036

John D. Williams and Jeremiah Mead (Chelmsford, MA), 7th place, division 1.

Photo 32-037

John D. Williams and Dave Wiegand (Portland, OR), 6th place, division 1.

Photo 32-038

John D. Williams and Paul Epstein (Ann Arbor, MI), 5th place, division 1.

Photo 32-039

John D. Williams and Brian Cappelletto (Chicago, IL), 4th place, division 1.

Photo 32-040

John D. Williams and Nigel Richards (Malaysia), 2nd place, division 1.

Photo 32-041

John D. Williams and Joel Sherman (Bronx, NY), 1st place, division 1.

Photo 32-042

Joel Sherman (Bronx, NY) raises his cup high overhead.

Photo 32-043

Though not completely clear, Joel has on a shirt with a graphic that mentions Chapter 8, the chapter on Joel in Word Freak.

Photo 32-044

The New York crew (current and former): Sally Ricketts (New York, NY), Jeremy Frank (New York, NY), Debbie Stegman (Ossining, NY), Ron Tiekert (Alpharetta, GA), Christine Economos (New York, NY), Mira Stulman (New York, NY), Paul Avrin (New York, NY), Joel Sherman (Bronx, NY), Zack Hample, Ann Sanfedele, Diane Firstman (Brooklyn, NY), Josh Silber, Amit Chakrabarti (Hanover, NH), Lynn Cushman (New York, NY), Daniel Goldman (New York, NY), Mike Sherman (Bronx, NY), Susi Tiekert (Alpharetta, GA), Larry Sherman (Bronx, NY),and last but not least, Rita Norr (Danbury, CT).

Photo 32-045

Rick Wong (San José, CA), Kenji Matsumoto (Aiea, HI), and Rusty Peltz (San Diego, CA).

Photo 32-046

Checking out their new post-NSC ratings, Fern Lindzon (North York ON), Robin Pollock Daniel (Toronto ON), and Zev Kaufman (Toronto ON).

Photo 32-047

Jane R. Williams posing with her favorite SCRABBLE® family: Dielle Saldanha (Richmond BC), Dean Saldanha (Richmond BC), Dion Saldanha (Richmond BC), Miriam Saldanha (Richmond BC), and Norbert Saldanha (Richmond BC).

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