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2000 NSC

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2002 NSC Format

The 2002 NSC will be held on August 17-22, 2002 at the San Diego Concourse and Civic Theatre in San Diego, California. The event is open to any North American player who has played in at least one NSA tournament and thus earned an NSA rating.

Overseas players who do not have an NSA rating may play but will usually be placed in Division 3. If they have played in a World SCRABBLE® Championship (WSC) they may be put in Division 1 or Division 2 at the discretion of the NSA. If they have not played in a WSC but wish to play in Division 1 or 2, we require confirmation of their skill level from at least two past WSC contestants or NSA-rated Division 1 or 2 participant.


DIVISIONS: This year will again have a six-division format: Division 1 (players rated >1899), Division 2 (1700-1899), Division 3 (1500-1699), Division 4 (1300-1499), Division 5 (1100-1299) and Division 6 (<1100). Your July 1, 2002 rating will be the default rating used to place you in your division.

You may choose to play in the next stronger division than the one corresponding to your tournament rating. For example, if your 1350 rating would put you in Division 4, you may choose instead to play in Division 3.

If you do decide to play up, you may use your PEAK RATING from January 1, 2002 through July 1, 2002 as your official NSC rating. For example, suppose someone who is usually rated between 1300 and 1400 has a spectacular tournament result which raises his/her rating up to 1580 in March 2002, but then goes back down to 1350 by July 1st. This player can use his/her Peak Rating of 1580 to qualify for Division 3 (1500-1699) and then elect further to play up into Division 2 (1700-1899). He or she could also play in Divisions 3 or 4. If you are choosing to use your peak rating, please indicate the tournament at which you earned it on your registration form.


See the full description of tournament pairings or consult the pairings sheets posted outside the tournament room.

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