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August 15-18, 2003

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SCRABBLE ALL*STARS 2003 Photos: Round 16

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Photo 16-001

Stefan Fatsis alerting those in finals contention about ESPN's schedule to meet with them after this game for short interviews. Laura Klein is up there as well.

Photo 16-002

It looks like Paul Epstein (Ann Arbor, MI) is about to be "GRILLED" by David Boys (Dorval QC).

Photo 16-003

ESPN Production Assistant Jason Linkes and Production Coordinator Paul Tarrants overlook the Table 2 game between Chris Cree (Dallas, TX), annotated by David Johnson, and Jim Kramer (Roseville, MN), annotated by Paul Avrin (backs to us).

Photo 16-004

Joel Wapnick (Montréal QC), annotated by Kristen Chew, and Joe Weinike (New York, NY), annotated by Gregg Foster. Joe has a BASSNET rack.

Photo 16-005

Charlie Southwell (with John D. Williams overlooking) takes a challenge at table 1. Joe Weinike (New York, NY) who was challenging the hook on Joel Wapnick's (Montréal QC) play. The word played ACTIN, is acceptable, but it was front hooked to LONELY, creating ALONELY*, so the play was ruled unacceptable.

Photo 16-006

Table 1 is an interesting place to observe & film!

Photo 16-007

Marlon Hill (Baltimore, MD) defeats Jerry Lerman (Foster City, CA), 503-378.

Photo 16-008

467-326, Randy Hersom's (Morganton, NC) win vs. Joey Mallick (Cape Elizabeth, ME).

Photo 16-009

Tim Adamson's (Saint Paul, MN) win vs. Rita Norr (Danbury, CT), 389-328.

Photo 16-010

Dave Wiegand (Portland, OR) defeats Rich Baker (Westhampton Beach, NY), 382-352.

Photo 16-011

Joel Wapnick's (Montréal QC) win vs. Joe Weinike (New York, NY), 405-382.

Photo 16-012

Chris Cree (Dallas, TX) defeats Jim Kramer (Roseville, MN), 419-345.

Photo 16-013

Joe Edley (Coram, NY) (left) and Trey Wright (Beverly Hills, CA) in an endgame. Trey's rack is BLTQ, which caught my eye, probably because in an endgame, we so often end up "eating" the Q (not being able to play it)!

Photo 16-014

Joel Sherman's (Bronx, NY) win vs. John Luebkemann (Charlotte, NC), 464-429.

Photo 16-015

After 8 losses in a row, Jeremiah Mead (Chelmsford, MA) finally gets a victory, 512-360 vs. Sam Kantimathi (El Dorado Hills, CA).

Photo 16-016

Joe Edley (Coram, NY) defeats Trey Wright (Beverly Hills, CA), 408-401.

Photo 16-017

David Boys's (Dorval QC) win vs. Paul Epstein (Ann Arbor, MI), 420-300.

Photo 16-018

Ron Tiekert's (Alpharetta, GA) win vs. David Gibson (Spartanburg, SC), 439-370.

Photo 16-019

Robin Pollock Daniel's (Toronto ON) win vs. Brian Cappelletto (Chicago, IL), 406-366.

Photo 16-020

Doesn't take long for visiting expert player Jan Dixon to get into the action! She helps Robin Pollock Daniel (Toronto ON) and Brian Cappelletto (Chicago, IL) analyze their endgame possibilities. Also getting into the action: Marlon Hill (Baltimore, MD), Sam Kantimathi (El Dorado Hills, CA), and Joe Edley (Coram, NY).

Photo 16-021

Self-described SCRABBLE® groupies, Charlene White and Margaret Bauer Williams pose with Milt Wertheimer. Of the six game annotators, Milt is the only one who had fans visit him during the event!

Photo 16-022

Working on the final annotation schedule, Gregg Foster, Kristen Chew, and Milt Wertheimer meet with Charlie Southwell and John Chew.

Photo 16-023

John & Kristen Chew sharing oysters after a hard day's work!

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