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NSSC 2009: Nichols Sawmill Elementary [#56]

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On this page, you will find information about Nichols Sawmill Elementary, who are competing at the 2009 National School SCRABBLE® Championship. This page was updated at least hourly between 09:00 A.M. and midnight local time. This team currently has a record of 3-3, +162, and is ranked #44.

Lower on this page, you can find a graphic showing the team’s ups and downs at this tournament, and a round-by-round report on the team’s opponents and games.

Background Information

[photo of Nichols Sawmill Elementary]

Team name: Nichols Sawmill Elementary
Team members: Matthew Rohmer (Grade 5) and Kyle Rohmer (Grade 5)
Home: Magnolia, TX, United States
Round by Round

High score: 333
Average for: 292
Average against: 265

Round 1

[photo of Lake Oswego Jr. High]

Nichols Sawmill Elementary played #45 Lake Oswego Jr. High (OR) and lost 271 to 293 (a spread of -22).

Current ranking: #61.

Current record: 0-1, -22.

Round 2

[photo of St. John Lutheran School #1]

Nichols Sawmill Elementary played #91 St. John Lutheran School #1 (IN) and lost 290 to 318 (a spread of -28).

Current ranking: #80.

Current record: 0-2, -50.

Round 3

[photo of Armuchee Elementary School #1]

Nichols Sawmill Elementary played #2 Armuchee Elementary School #1 (GA) and won 323 to 260 (a spread of 63).

Current ranking: #62.

Current record: 1-2, +13.

Nichols Sawmill Elementary is mentioned in this round’s photo captions (4 hits).

Round 4

[photo of Lexington Montessori School #3]

Nichols Sawmill Elementary played #50 Lexington Montessori School #3 (MA) and won 274 to 126 (a spread of 148).

Current ranking: #36.

Current record: 2-2, +161.

Round 5

[photo of Grisham Middle School]

Nichols Sawmill Elementary played #37 Grisham Middle School (TX) and won 333 to 321 (a spread of 12).

Current ranking: #30.

Current record: 3-2, +173.

Round 6

[photo of Thayer Public Library]

Nichols Sawmill Elementary played #93 Thayer Public Library (MA) and lost 261 to 272 (a spread of -11).

Current ranking: #44.

Current record: 3-3, +162.