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2009 National School SCRABBLE Championship

Round 2 Scores

Armuchee Elementary School 12225Ridgefield Library 278319-94
Armuchee Elementary School 23183Cascade Heights Public Charter School23294-111
Armuchee Elementary School 45282Armuchee Elementary School 34329-47
Armuchee Elementary School 56215Floyd T. Binns Middle School 234280-65
Atlanta- Pinckneyville Middle School7379Plymouth South Middle School 274251128
Bay Area Youth SCRABBLE 29252Floyd T. Binns Middle School 133259-7
Bay Area Youth SCRABBLE 310369Fern Creek Elementary32258111
Bay Shore Middle School A Team11317Rising Star Montessori8026156
Bear Branch Bingo 214262Lake Oswego Jr. High45341-79
Bear Branch Bingo 315270North Clay Jr. High Team Red57395-125
Braintree Elementary School 118286Northern Lincoln Elementary 26123254
Braintree Elementary School 219262Clark School 1262593
Clark School 227158Decatur Discovery Academy29178-20
Dalton School28316Princeton Day School75428-112
Eastern Greene School 130328Hampton Bays Middle School 23930028
Eastern Greene School 231314Bay Shore Middle School B Team1228232
Glenfield Middle School35341Hampton Bays Middle School 138228113
Glenfield/Collins Elementary Schools36382Bloomfield Public Library1729686
Grisham Middle School37380Chappaqua School SCRABBLE Club2434832
Janney Elementary School 142382Northern Lincoln Elementary 16089293
John Glenn Middle School44244Carlisle SCRABBLE Team22299-55
Lawrence School46356Sage School 38327581
Lexington Montessori School 148352South Side Middle School9028072
Lexington Montessori School 249316Churchill Road Elementary2526254
Lexington Montessori School 350252Mount Pleasant Christian School 2532511
Magnolia I.S.D.51278Our Lady of Victory Baltimore 4652753
Mount Pleasant Christian School 152219Hopkinton/Carlisle SCRABBLE Team41323-104
New West Charter55432Sage School 181229203
Nichols Sawmill Elementary56290St. John Lutheran School 191318-28
North Clay Jr. High Team White58252Buckingham Browne & Nichols Lower School20290-38
Our Lady of Victory Baltimore 162334Town of DeWitt School SCRABBLE94403-69
Our Lady of Victory Baltimore 263341Ridgefield Library 379352-11
Our Lady of Victory Baltimore 364259Salem Elementary 184437-178
Our Lady of Victory School Floral Park 166299Bear Branch Bingo 11328514
Our Lady of Victory School Floral Park 267233Janney Elementary School 243280-47
Park View Middle School 269331Mount Pleasant Christian School 35425774
Philly ASAP 171221Northbrook Academy5918140
Philly ASAP 272146Agawam Jr. High School1325-179
Sage School 282267Salem Elementary 285157110
Seawell Elementary School86386Ridgefield Library 177397-11
Somers Middle School 187430Plymouth South Middle School 173274156
Somers Middle School 288308Belzer Middle School16321-13
Thayer Public Library93369Perry Elementary70257112
Walagua Jr. High95326Bay Area Youth SCRABBLE 18341-15
Western Hills Middle School96274Somers/North Salem SCRABBLE Club89410-136
White Brook Middle School97277Lexington MA SCRABBLE Club 10847490-213
White Plains SCRABBLE Club98383Park View Middle School 168179204
Willets Road School99310Buckingham Browne Middle School21324-14
Windham Middle School 1100555St. John Lutheran School 292211344
Windham Middle School 2101334Hopkinton Middle School40163171
Winterhaven102417Randolph Middle School7637047

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