2009 WSC

2009 World SCRABBLE® Championship: Team U.S.A.

The NSA congratulates the following players who have earned the right to represent the United States at the 2009 World SCRABBLE® Championship:

Here are the rules under which players will qualify to represent the U.S.A. at the 2009 World SCRABBLE® Chapionship.

[2009-03-03] The WSC qualification process will also be used to determine the team for the 2009 Causeway Challenge, which follows the WSC at the same venue. The five players for that event will be chosen from the WSC team, giving precedence first players who qualify on rating over those who qualify by tournament.

  1. Fourteen players will be eligible for the next WSC. Of these 14, the 11 American players who earn the Highest Peak Ratings during the Qualifying Period (QP) of January 2, 2008 through May 6, 2009 will be invited. A player's Peak Rating (PR) is his/her highest rating earned from NSA Open Rated tournaments during the QP after the first 60 tournament games have been played. In other words, each player must first play 60 tournament games during the QP before a legitimate PR is earned.

  2. If a PR includes bonus points earned from the second half of a tourney 17-32 rds. long (or from the final third of a tourney 33-48 rds. long), then those specific bonus points will be subtracted from the player's final rating that tourney before reaching the PR for that tourney only. Subsequent tourneys will again include the bonus points from the previous events.

  3. In the event of a tie for the last PR-based place, such ties will be broken based on regular tournament ratings as of May 6, 2009.

  4. The remaining players will be chosen from a 20-round WSC Qualifying Tournament (WSCQT), which will be directed this year by Jason Brooks as part of the Arden Cup on May 23–25 outside Chicago, IL. The WSCQT will be played according to NSA rules, but using the international (Collins) lexicon and with a 5-point penalty for challenging an acceptable play. The top 3 players of the WSCQT will be invited to the next WSC and the 4th place finisher will be the American Alternate, should any of our other invitees not participate. If a second invitee decides not to attend, the player with the next highest PR will be invited, and so on down the PR list in the case of additional dropouts.

  5. In order to qualify for the WSCQT, players must be current members of the NSA and must have played in at least 3 NSA Open Rated Tournaments, including 50 games, during the QP. However, 20 of those games may have been played at unrated NSA SOWPODS divisions organized at NSA sanctioned Open Rated Tournaments for the benefit of our WSC players as an adjunct to the main event. These SOWPODS events must have a minimum of 4 players to count toward qualifying for the WSCQT.

  6. Players must commit to playing on the team by the Final Cancellation Date (FCD) of May 13th, 2009 (changed from June 15th, 2009 on February 25th, 2009, to accommodate the earlier scheduling of the QT). [In 2011, this wording will be clarified to read: All players, regardless of how they think they may qualify to play for the US team, must register with NASPA prior to the Final Cancellation Date their intention to play in the WSC. ] Any player who officially lets the NSA know he or she will play in the WSC and then chooses not to play in the tournament after the FCD will be ineligible to qualify/play in the following World Championship. To clarify: players may say they will go, make plans to go and stil cancel, with no penalty, if they do so before the FCD. However, if the FCD passes, and they then cancel, this puts a huge, undue burden on the next player eligible to go. If there are extenuating circumstances, the canceler may petition the NSA for reinstatement of their eligibility, and the NSA Advisory Board will investigate the situation for a possible reversal.

Current qualification standings are updated frequently.

The following players have registered their intention to play if eligible: Amit Chakrabarti, Brian Bowman, Dave Wiegand, Geoff Thevenot, Jason Idalski, Jason Katz-Brown, Jim Kramer, John Luebkemann, John O'Laughlin, Mark Kenas, Marty Gabriel, Nick Ball, Puneet Sharma, Robert Linn, Sam Kantimathi, Sam Rosin, Steve Polatnick, Stu Goldman, Tim Adamson.

Qualifying Tournament

Here are the qualifying tournament final standings as reported to CGP:

15   585 Nick Ball $125 + WSC US Team Spot
12   156 Robert Linn $75 + WSC  US Team Spot
11   940 Mark Kenas $40 + WSC US Team Spot
10   522 Amit Chakrabarti - WSC US Alternate
10    48 Brian Bowman
 9 -1020 Puneet Sharma
 8  -281 Steve Polatnick
 5  -950 Stuart  Goldman

As indicated, Nick Ball, Robert Linn and Mark Kenas have qualified to represent the United States at the 2009 WSC.

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