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                           RENO, NV NITE BIRD, JANUARY 17-18, 2009 
                               OLD                                              PERF    NEW
      NAME                    RATING             RESULTS           WINS   SPR  RATING RATING
   1. WIEGAND, DAVE            1913  W-03 W-05 W-02 W-04 W-02 W-07   6   +677   2468   1935
   2. D AMBROSIO, BRUCE        1516  W-08 W-04 L-01 W-06 L-01 W-03   4   -104   1859   1542
   3. STEVENS, MARY ALINE      1577  L-01 L-07 W-08 W-05 W-04 L-02   3   +237   1493   1570
   4. HAMILTON, RUTH           1512  W-06 L-02 W-07 L-01 L-03 W-08   3    -26   1498   1511
   5. WONG, RICK               1692  W-07 L-01 L-06 L-03 W-08 W-06   3    -30   1524   1679
   6. WARD, BRUCE              1646  L-04 W-08 W-05 L-02 L-07 L-05   2    -22   1202   1611
   7. HOULGATE-WEST, T C       1374  L-05 W-03 L-04 L-08 W-06 L-01   2   -118   1292   1368
   8. MAHMOOD, MALIHA           857  L-02 L-06 L-03 W-07 L-05 L-04   1   -614   1037    865

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