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NSSC 2012 Commentary: Round 1

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At Board 1, it's Mack & DeeAnn (NY) vs. Mount Pleasant Christian 1 (MD). For the first time this year, teams are ranked and seeded according to their recent performance at school and NASPA-sanctioned events. Top seeds Mack and DeeAnn are therefore playing a middle-seeded team.

In this first round, to keep tough teams from taking advantage of being paired with weaker ones to run up their cumulative point spread, there is a limit of ±100 points of spread that can be earned. An astonishing 27 teams managed to exceed this limit, and therefore at the end of this round, there is a 27-way tie for first place. Two thirds of the 36-team top half of the seeded field managed to outscore their opponents by 100 or more points; only three suffered the same fate themselves (in each case, to a team from a strong local School SCRABBLE Program: D.C. School SCRABBLE 2 (DC), Eastern Greene MS 3 (IN), Walter C. Young Knights 2 (FL)). Tied teams are listed in the standings in random order.

High play this round: TRANQED (100). High acceptable play this round: PRIVATE (96) by D.C. School SCRABBLE 7 (DC).