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NSSC 2012 Commentary: Round 2

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Round 2 started a few minutes early, at 3:12 P.M.

John Williams announced that at the suggestion of Andy Hoang, there will be a special $100 prize for anyone who makes a 10-letter play, or play scoring at least 100 points.

At Board 1 this round, it's St. John Lutheran 3 (IN) vs. Carlisle Public (MA).

The first prize to be claimed: Long Island Linguists (NY) plays TRICKIER (101).

I'm told Mack & DeeAnn (NY) has a 100-point play too, but I haven't heard what it is yet.

First tie game of the day: Lake Oswego JHS 2 (OR) vs. D.C. School SCRABBLE 1 (DC), 312 apiece.

Mack and DeeAnn's play was FICKLEST, natural, for 104 points, but not enough to avoid a 440-450 loss to Bay Farm Montessori (MA).

This round, the spread cap is ±150, so the best possible cumulative record is 2-0 +250. Four teams are tied with this perfect record: Carlisle Public (MA), Da Talisman Honchos (NJ), Northampton (MA) and O'Connor & Tilliss (NY). An additional 13 teams remain undefeated. You would expect a quarter of the field, or 18 teams, to be 2-0 at this point, but the tied game puts two teams at 1½–½ instead.