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NSSC 2012 Commentary: Round 3

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John Williams clarifies that he meant to say "the *first* team to make a 100-point play", and is glad the mistake only cost him $200.

Merriam-Webster is running their usual contest, with the generous prize being a Kindle Touch 3G (and a gift card to purchase the OSPD4 for the device). The students are being asked to identify the following words:

a blue color, adj, 10 points, 8 letters

to gossip, vb, 24 points, 8 letters

standard keyboard, n, 21 points, 6 letters

extremely idealistic, adj, 26 points, 8 letters

to seize a vehicle while in transit, vb, 22 points, 6 letters

a cell formed by the union of two gametes, n, 19 points, 6 letters

to cover with a thin varnish, vb, 12 points, 7 letters

the science that deals with animals, n, 20 points, 7 letters

a question, n, 19 points, 7 letters

a marketplace, n, 17 points, 6 letters

At the end of this round, only one team has a perfect record, 3-0 +250: 11th seed Carlisle Public (MA). Seven more teams are undefeated with less spread: Salem MS 2 (NC), Long Island Linguists (NY), Da Talisman Honchos (NJ), Salem MS 1 (NC), Smith MS 2 (NC), Toronto School Champions (ON) and Bay Farm Montessori (MA).

We are finished playing seriously for the day, and are taking a dinner break before the traditional dessert and game party outdoors at the Wantilan Pavilion starts at 7:30.

At the game party, we had an ice cream bar, and a large number of tables set up with Hasbro games, new and old. There were a few SCRABBLE boards, where kids would sign up to face the likes of Joe Edley, Chris Cree or Stefan Fatsis. For players looking for less intense action, there were Connect 4, Jenga, Twister, Clue, and many other games that were new to me.

As the party wound up at 9:30, a few diehards carried their boards to the lounge, where they were still playing when I left at midnight.