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NSSC 2012 Commentary: Round 6

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Da Talisman Honchos (NJ) beats Salem MS 2 (NC) 407-372 to become the sole undefeated team, 6–0 +444, ahead of six teams at 5–1: Salem MS 2 (NC), Carlisle Public (MA), Salem MS 1 (NC), Tornadoes of Terror (NY), O'Connor & Tilliss (NY) and Long Island Linguists (NY), respectively +782, +775, +528, +403, +298 and +276.

Time for a lunch break before the last preliminary round begins.

After lunch, the field will be paired in groups of four, mostly 1-4/3-2, except (as in the second quad) where a group has mixed win-loss records. So Da Talisman Honchos (NJ) faces Salem MS 1 (NC), and it's Salem MS 2 (NC) against Carlisle Public (MA).

It looks to me like (barring a tie between Salem MS 2 and Carlisle) it will take at least 6-1 +529 to make it to the finals, which means that the Linguists are out of luck, O'Connor & Tilliss and the Tornadoes need to win big and hope for close games at the top two tables, Salem MS1 needs to win fairly big, and the top three just have to win to advance (with one place guaranteed to either Salem MS 2 or Carlisle).