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NSSC 2012 Commentary: Final Round 1

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Congratulations to the first-ever two-time National School SCRABBLE Championship team of Andy Hoang and Erik Salgado, Salem MS 2 (NC), who beat their opponents Thomas Draper and Nicholas Vasquez, Da Talisman Honchos (NJ), 420-374.

Here's the behind-the-scenes commentary track for the finals, between Vince Castellano and John Chew.

Jane reqs wait for our go signal...theatre just filling up. Ready when you are. Will wait. Got it. Players sitting down, will draw for first. DTH goes first. ELLMMOR QUAGBOD - you getting racks?. y. GALLIER BOXYDTW. score?. CURVEIF TWIXLED. holding play. 31-51 after 4 plays. provisional tiles drawn. play accepted. 55-51 now. ?EEORRV AEITWXY. Blank is F, opps say "Good play.". SOOZIER EIIOPXU. 93-123?. 168-113 after ZOO. 127-113 before that. got it. FOSHIER DOUNTER. Players agree on 198 now. 21 and 17 minutes. ROTUNDER# not held. SEIFOES SHERKWU. Players agree to correct score: 231-211. Play held. Challenge successful. ABIOSES AAAJLSW. ABIOSES VJIGSAW. SANINES JAWIES?. Again: "Good play." Then confirm: "312-272.". CATRAIN ?WEEDIS. 17 and 11 minutes. Everything okay at that end?. Andy and Erik just ticked down past 7:00. ITAECIA ?PISTED. Andy and Erik counting (again). "Confirming: 360-324. ACEIINT and 13:22 to ?PISTED and less than 5:00. Blank is N. So is last tile. Confirming 403-376. Andy and Erik challenge Tom and Nicky to a poolside rematch.