Tournament Results

Since January 1999, this web site has featured cross tables for all fully rated NSA sanctioned tournaments. They are filed according to the month in which their results were entered into the ratings system: for some tournaments held late in a month, this may mean that they are registered in the following month.

How to Read the Tables

NAME: Player’s name as shown in the NSA Ratings Database. If the listing is not exactly correct (including initials if any), please let us know to avoid ratings errors.

OLD RATING: Player’s rating before this tournament. See also information about the ratings system.

RESULTS: Player’s win-loss record. For example, W-01 T-02 L-05  -    -    -   means that in a six-round tournament a player won the first game against player #1, tied player #2 in the second round, and lost to player #5 in the third round before having three byes to finish the tournament.

WINS: Total number of wins for this player. In the above example, this would be 1+, with the plus sign indicating a tie.

SPR: Final cumulative spread for this player, that is, the difference between the total of their scores and the total of their opponents’ scores, in each game involving this player. For split-rated tournaments (see below) the spread shown is the spread at the end of the tournament, even on pages which show only one tournament segment.

For tournaments longer than 16 rounds, ratings are calculated in two approximately-equal segments. Tournaments larger than 36 rounds will be posted in three approximately-equal segments. (If the segments must be of unequal size, then the first segment or two will have one more round than the last segment or two.) Because of this, the results of such longer tournaments are printed in two halves or three thirds and do not easily show the final standings.

Printing Cross-Tables

Because of the dimensions of these files, you may find them easier to print in landscape mode (not portrait), reduced to less than 100% of original size.

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