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September 3rd, 2003

Dear NSA Member and SCRABBLE® Player:

As you know we have worked together to develop and release the newest version of the Franklin handheld device (SCR-226) based on The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary, Third Edition, specifically at the request of National SCRABBLE Association (NSA) members. It is and remains our goal to provide an authoritative electronic product to you.

This week, we learned, thanks to the vigilant efforts of the members of the NSA who were the first purchasers of this product, that there are issues relating to some of the words. Although we have achieved 99.9% accuracy in this 103,000-word database, recognizing your expectations for this product, we are working to exceed this level of accuracy.

We want to tell you what we currently know about these issues that have come to light, how we intend to fix them and when we intend to do so.

First, please accept our apologies. A team comprised of people from NSA, Merriam-Webster and Franklin is working on the following issues:

  1. Some plural words are returned misspelled. An example is the plural of the word "entity." We are continuing to check this issue, but we are confident that this will be easily and soon corrected.
  2. The underlying database has been updated in print format. Because we are trying to have the most up-to-date and most accurate tool (print or electronic) available in the easy to use Franklin format with complete definitions as we revise the product.
  3. Some words that are included in the print version of the OSPD3, which the NSA does not accept in tournament play, will be deleted from this product.

The result will be an easy to access product, with a database that is superior to and more updated than the current existing print OSPD3.


Franklin, NSA and Merriam-Webster are all working together to identify any other issues and make changes as appropriate that will result in the authoritative product that will address fully the issues above. Therefore, the three entities are soliciting further comments from NSA members. Comments can be emailed to scrabble@franklin.com


Franklin is fixing the product now, and expect to complete initial resolution of the database issues by the end of next week. However, there will be additional time required to revise the product itself and that timeframe is still to be determined.


  1. If you purchased the product from NSA WORD GEAR and wish to return the product with no replacement, you may, of course, do so through the NSA and receive a refund of $49.99 for each unit purchased.
  2. Or you may keep your device and NSA will notify you when the new product is available. At the time of the new product release, Franklin will publish instructions for a replacement product free of charge.
  3. We thank you for your patience and your input as we work together to complete the best, easiest to use, and authoritative SCRABBLE game product.

Franklin Electronic Publishers, Inc.

Merriam-Webster, Inc.

National SCRABBLE Association.

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